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  • This has been good stuff, thanks for the information.

    I think I'll be starting the Chronicle in the city of Chernigov, where it seems I have a fresh slate to begin with. It will be under the rule of a Gangrel Prince known as Olav Grigorivich (true name Olaf Geirmundsson), having been chosen for the thankless task of mediating between the Clans present in Chernigov. In particular, tensions are high been the local Tzimisce lords (the oldest of whom are of Saka/Scythian and Proto-Slavic origins, with a few Rus and Vlachs in between) and Ventrue Merchant Princes (most of whom are of...
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  • Clan and Bloodline composition if the Kievan Rus

    Yeah, I am asking this since I am planning a Dark Ages Chronicle set in the Kievan Rus that begins 40 years before the Mongol Invasion. Essentially, could anyone recommend me a source on the Cainite population of the Rus Principalities?

    I am definitely certain though, that when the Chronicle hits 1240, the Anda population is going to get bigger.
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  • Irontsim
    replied to Sorcerer Quietus Questions
    A ghost counts as a spirit, so I don't see why not.
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  • A question of Gargoyles and Generation

    Yes, this question has popped into my head rather recently and it has got me thinking. Given that the earliest Gargoyles were often made from Tzimisce, Gangrel and Nosferatu fledglings and neonates, I'd assume that a lot of them would be of high Generation. Naturally, as the War of Princes of raged on, the Tremere would find more potent stock amongst their enemies, not to mention the likely indulgence of Diablerie throughout the centuries.

    What do you guys think?
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