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  • In my current game, set in the West, the whole party are Lunar Exalted. In my game I've divided up elders into two broad categories, Crones and Mothers, to help my players keep a better grasp on who is or isn't a two-thousand year old god-monster from the dawn of time.

    The only canon Elder (or 'Crone') who has gotten any play in my game is Leviathan, who I've described as being a figure of folklore throughout the islands near Sunken Luthe. He was a whale that hunted fleets a long, long time ago, but he hasn't been seen for several centuries. Most people still think he's out there,...
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  • [White Elephant for Epee102] Penitence on High

    I waffled back and forth for quite a while about what sort of demonic/demon adjacent thing I wanted to write about until I settled on a FLOATING ISLAND!

    Penitence on High

    Somewhere high above the surface of Creation there lies a desolate land. Suspended upon currents of geomancy and sorcerous energy lies a broad stone plate so wide that a man could walk for five days from end to end and find no water. Hovering above this endless expanse of dunes and great rocky outcroppings lies yet another plate of stone, much smaller and home to thin trees and boundless water that...
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  • Thank you! I really like the imagery and remoteness of this location, along with the exotic observatory. I have no doubts that my party would find a place like this exiting and interesting, especially since they plan on exploring into the Wyld.

    Thank you very much, Isator.
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  • KymmetheSeventh
    replied to Rethinking Marriage in the Realm
    Wise Old Guru These are fantastic. I think that grounding the thought process of Dynasts when it comes to marriages through specific illustrative and evocative examples is genius. Now I've got to come up with some of these.
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