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  • I've always run Fortitude as granting bonus Wounded health levels. RAW a Vampire with Stamina 5 and Fortitude 5 can, it's very unlikely, but can, wind up just as hurt by a machine gun as a regular vampire.

    Celerity guarantees bonus actions with expenditure.
    Potence guarantees you can perform greater feats of strength; a mid-to-high exp Brujah, Lasombra and Nosferatu can get through walls without checks.
    Fortitude in V20 doesn't guarantee anything at all, and I'm not a big fan of the 'fix' in DAV20.
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  • 11twiggins
    replied to The Nature of the Consensus
    Throughout our world in this 21st century, the Technocratic vision of reality holds the coincidental edge, not simply because of the Union’s indoctrination (although that does have something to do with it) but because science-based technology is rooted in following the laws of Earthly physics. Unlike faith and magic, it’s based upon repeatable, verifiable, consistent results, not mere Enlightened Will, so it tends to work more reliably than mystic magick does.

    It's funny - I feel like this one quote from M20 very solidly lands on the side of "science is real, it isn't just a...
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