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  • Well I think there’s two lenses you can look at it really.

    One is influence within mainstream history. The real world legal systems of today are already the outgrowths of antecedent systems, antecedent systems which the Traditions were heavily integrated within. Religion has always influenced legal principles and so you get many traditions involved there (Akashyana - Buddhist, Choir - Monotheist/Abrahamic, Kha’vadi/Verbeba, Chakravanti - Hindu, etc.). In what we’d call ‘the west’ you’ll also naturally have Hermetic influence given how the Hermetics were deeply influential...
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  • So this is basically just freewheeling off the top…

    •Living Quarters
    -I can see different conventions and factions having different preferences. I imagine Iteration-X (and sometimes the VE & NWO) preferring a sort of barracks model or a planned housing model developed with It-X & NWO collaboration. For other groups, particularly the Syndicate and some NWO, I imagine they’d prefer something more resembling a civilian apartment complex or suburb system. I imagine there’s a spectrum from full It-X Barracks to full Syndicate Apartment Units.

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