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  • I would say no to regular feeding (on conscious targets) because it causes panic and anyone inside gets the Distracted Condition.
    As for Vitae in combat, it originally thought it meant that if you hit, you get to take one Vitae. After re-reading however, it appears that "Alternately, a success may instead allow the vampire to take one Vitae from a victim." seems more likely to mean that each success pulls one Vitae.
    This interpretation also works with the previous sentence which talks about dividing successes between those inside the swarm
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  • Well the Merit talks about being able to discern minor details in fashion, food, or architecture so your proposal doesn't seem unreasonable.
    If you or the ST is a complete purist, you could always homebrew a custom Merit that uses Expression and applies only to literature.
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  • Blood Sorcery Sacraments and Blasphemies rules also allow a master of the Transmutation theme to manipulate BP, if you use that system.
    Your proposal seems entirely reasonable, though if it were me, I would also have a chance of strange/bad things happening when monkeying around outside of conventional norms. The first time would go according to plan but try it again and you may have a great story/plot of how to fix what or whoever was broken in the attempt.
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