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  • Sundance
    replied to What would a French braid be, in Creation?
    I find these little linguistic questions to be opportunities for bits of flavor and comedy. One of the characters in the game I run referred to making a town they rule over a, "Mecca for learning." They then immediately reversed track and said that that wouldn't make sense, but instead I said that the Mecca Temple is somewhere in the Blessed Isle which is a common pilgrimage site for faithful immaculates, and that referring to somewhere as a 'Mecca' had seeped into other languages. There are plenty of chances like that that give everyone at the table a little chuckle.

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  • Hey, lookie there. Thanks much! I haven't bought any Evocations for him yet, but perhaps I can use this for inspiration.
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  • Sundance
    replied to Who set the Solars free?
    It might also be worth noting that there are hints that the Green Lady had some hand in helping the Deathlords in their plan. My assumption was always that she introduced flaws that caused the Deathlords to fail to trap all of the Exaltations, thereby freeing a bunch of Solars along with giving the Deathlords enough Exaltations to keep them happy. After all, I don't know that anyone except a ranking Sidereal would even know where the Jade Prison was. It also seems to me like the kind of plan that she'd be into, where she helps the Deathlords and Creation, wheels within wheels, playing both sides,...
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