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  • Hmmm I havent even looked into sorcerer so far... is there really nothing that doesn't require the use of a different gameline?

    EDIT: you know, I also don't really want to be the guy who comes to a new ST like "hey, this is the character I made, it's a Werewolf-Sorcerer, is that OK?"
    Sidenote: someone once actually asked if he could play a Gangrel-Mage in a Vampire Live game a few years ago....
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  • Hexer
    started a topic Silent Striders / Garou and curses

    Silent Striders / Garou and curses

    I was looking into the Silent Strider Tribebook revised a bit lately as I'm making a character for a possible game and liked the concept of the Bitter Hex camp of the tribe. I'm a little confused though...
    I get how they hunt and terrorize people they feel have deserved it but the texts seem to imply they actually curse/jinx/hex people all the time even though I wasn't able to find any way for them to actually do so....

    Sure there is the rank 2 Metis gift they get access to but thats more of a direct, on the spot effect where you verbalize your hatred for someone and they loose...
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  • We had a rank 1 Fianna Ahroun directly challenge Nerigal in his own realm after feeling fed up with suffering our way through his dessert for days. Kinda like "Come on and test us already, will ya?!!!!". Didn't end very well for the pack when Nerigal decided "This isn't test enough for you? Well then try this instead..."

    One time we kinda managed to fuck up spacetime when leaving an umbra realm where time was slowed down and not everyone decided on the same time to exit. It caused quite a long discussion on what would happen now and after doing our best to resolve...
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