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  • amechra
    replied to Humanity Is Overrated
    Honestly? In a one-on-one anything, a human is likely to lose. I mean, just look at all those hyper-intelligent, hyper-powerful superbeings that they're competing with!

    Actually, wait a second: since when was this a competition? Last time I checked, Misty Mage had a crush on Sam Sleepwalker, Vinny Vampire still hangs around to see that his kids are doing alright, Wally Werewolf was happy to have mortals in his pack, and Petra Promethean wanted to be a real girl.

    Because, honestly, for all of their power, baseline humans have something important that they don't.
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  • amechra
    started a topic [Minor Template-ish] Doubly Soul'd

    [Minor Template-ish] Doubly Soul'd

    Spiritual Excess [Persistent]
    You have an extra soul that got tethered to your body somehow - you feel more self-assured, and people can instinctively pick you out of a crowd. As a result, you have an additional dot of Integrity - this can allow you to reach an Integrity of 11, which grants you a +3 bonus on Breaking Point rolls and a +4 bonus to Abjuration rolls. If you would gain the Soulless condition, you may resolve this condition instead. Similarly, you may resolve this condition at any time to end the Soulless condition without resolving it.
    Gaining the Condition: Have another...
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  • The mechanics give me hives. That, I cannot forgive.

    As for the other parts...

    I'm sorry to say it, but Beast feels childish to me. It's the kind of thing I'd have enjoyed and identified with when I was eleven (I was a fucked-up kid) - but now, it just feels like meaningless, grinning noise.
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  • amechra
    replied to Missing Homebrews
    The Internet Archive is your friend.

    Unfortunately, looks like Hero and Planeswalker are kaput.
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  • You are the Polish word for nipple?

    Good to know....
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  • *Screams Internally*
    Spirit of Brilliance and Self-Hatred
    Rank: 2
    Virtue: Polite Vice: Cautious
    Power 2, Resistance 5, Finesse 3;
    Influence: Curiosity •, Inspiration ••, Pain ••
    Numina: Dement, Innocuous, Show of Power, Sign
    Manifestations: Twilight Form, Discorporate, Fetter (Unfetter)
    Ban: *Screams Internally* cannot use Influences, Manifestations, or Numina on any character who has been hugged or kissed since the previous sunset.
    Ban: *Screams Internally* cannot gain or spend Essence while in an area where there are sounds in excess of 70...
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  • A random thought about an alternate way of handling Mania/Impetus... what if it was more like an integrity stat than a fuel stat?

    The way I'm visualizing this is that, rather than costing Mania, axioms instead set three boundaries - the first one being "You can make Wonders with this Axiom", the second being "You can control Wonders made with this Axiom", and the third being "Wonders made with this Axiom function". The first tends to be higher than the second, which tends to be higher than the third.

    As your Mania/Impulse builds, you start...
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  • amechra
    replied to Resilience question
    Because that would be too bitchin'.

    More seriously, take another look at .22 Solid and Coil of the Ascendant 4 if you want to upgrade Resilience. If you've got all three, each dot of Resilience gives you the following passively (assume you've got Blush of Life up and you've spent Vitae on .22 Solid):

    1) +1 Stamina.
    2) Downgrade a level of non-sunlight Aggravated to Lethal.
    3) Downgrade a level of Lethal damage to Bashing.
    4) Downgrade a level of damage from fire to Bashing.

    In other words, spending one Vitae per Scene drops the first [Resilience]...
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