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  • Instead of - it's the standard "this is a template" package.

    I should have the first merit up soon - I just got in from work, 11-1/2 hours after I left my room. It's been a long day, and I need to do laundry....
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  • Those are the kinds of things that the merits will do.

    And Integrity? Your Resolve and Composure are going to be really low, so you'll fail Breaking Point rolls quite often.
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  • Reserved for merits.


    Man, it's been a while since I've made one of these. Stealing Sleep is... a bit more impressive than it looks.

    Someone spends Willpower to boost an attack against you? You cancel it.
    Someone spends Willpower to use a supernatural merit? You cancel it.
    Someone has Beaten Down and tries to attack you? You cancel the Willpower they spent, and they can't.

    It's once per Scene by default, but that's what one of the merits I'm planning is for. It'll be harsh, is what I'm saying.
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  • amechra
    started a topic [Minor Template] No More Sleep

    [Minor Template] No More Sleep

    The Sleepless

    No one's ever died from a lack of sleep, you know.

    You remember sleep. It was nice, back in those days - you'd get your 8 hours a night, and you'd feel nice and refreshed in the morning. Nowadays... you sometimes go weeks without sleep, stealing the rest from people around you. Because sleep is a precious commodity, and you've burned through your supply. Lucky you.

    The Sleepless possess the following traits:

    Eternal Insomniac
    You suffer from the Insomnia condition, as your dreams and mind are lost through the cracks -...
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  • Zen Shot and Vision of the Predator should require Auspex, not Celerity, since they deal with the senses.

    Iron Fist isn't doing anything interesting with that roll, so drop it.

    Lick The Wound and Survival Instinct are pretty bad - Survival Instinct gives you a chance to avoid something that you really shouldn't be worrying about too much once you've gotten enough dots in Resilience. And Lick The Wound... wuh? Where's the Regeneration Devotion?


    As a side note, your formatting is atrocious - I'm finding it hard to parse out what's actual...
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