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  • Guide to the Technocracy says nothing of the sort. It says they don't believe they are mages and then explains why there is a difference between what they do and what mages do. It's an Ideological difference. Not a practical one. They know they warp reality. They just think they do it responsibily....
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  • Well, the logic I had there was partly based in revised mechanics. The difference between a device and an artifact was that an artifact required the sacrificial dot of will power, but could do magic on its own rather than requiring a wielder.

    So each student sacrifices a dot of Willpower to create a pseudo-Avatar for the path. Once done, you have to use whatever skills the path required to perform spells, that is effects built into the path, and if your skill roll hits whatever threshold the spells maker set, the path rolls it's Arete and bam, magic happens. One thing that's a big...
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  • Honestly, I treat Sorcery like an artifact. A very hard to make artifact and more or less ignore the mechanics for sorcery as something for other games not about mages.

    But basically, Path of Sorcery requires Prime 5 to weave the path into the tapestry of Reality, as well as Correspondence 5 to be present wherever it's practicioners are. To bind themselves to the path typically requires some skill, as appropriate to the path, and the initial binding costs a dot of will power, as you separate that portion of yourself to give to the path. From there effects can be added to the path...
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  • It was only a persistent effect if you didn't give it a duration. Once you spent successes to give It a duration it was no longer persistent....
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