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  • That's the other thing you're misunderstanding. Thanks to institutional preference for gadgets, Gizmos, and Wonders.... Chances are it's not just the mages you need to worry about. Joe the Agent with an Arete of 0 can use the Hypertech Extradimensional security system all on his own to detect dimensional Intruders.

    Could it be effective in certain facilities? Certainly. But anything but the lightest of defended facilities could have any number of defenses. For example, could be that as far as the wraith can tell the facility doesn't exist on the other side. Like good old Number 12...
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  • Not particularly. What they did was find every excuse in the book to make magic useless unless you have all your spheres at 4-5.

    It's very clear that the writers very much preferred the other game lines to Mage. If the page long screed on why the Vampire Lawn Chair meme wasn't clear enough, the bit about needing to use Correspondence magic to call a cab or private Helicopter that you actually own/have the means to access mundanely was....
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  • Humanity Loss as a Weapon against Vampires?

    So, this is a concept that's on the one hand incredibly dark, but on the other hand kind of a grim testament to just how nasty humanity can be that was brought up in the Hunters book for V20.

    The idea is simple, Humans, being Human don't lose their humanity as easily as Vampires do. So, the idea is that a sufficiently amoral or Immoral hunter could literally out-atrocity the Vampire until they bring them down to their level. Whereupon their humanity cuts out and the Vampire becomes a mindless beast rather than a scheming immortal. Dangerous but not AS dangerous.
    Have you ever...
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