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  • No problem, we have all been busy.

    Here's the beginning of a fiction I am writing for the supplement. This'll be a long one for the intro, so I am posting it in multiple part. Feel free to give opinions.

    “I don’t like this place.”
    “Shut the fuck up, Luigi.”
    “I’m just telling you, man, we shouldn’t have gone that far. At least waited for back-up.”
    The others sighted. Of course, they all knew he was right. But did they really have the choice?
    It had been month now. Month since they started tracking down the insane cult that had been...
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  • Just posting to confirm that yes, this project is still in-work. I just had a lot of things to keep me busy lastly.

    Also still waiitng progress on the Remnant's Pact.
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