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  • Would it really have to break the game? What if the program created still has to be maintained by the mage who created it? The spell is still alive so it needs maintenance, or to be relinquished. And maybe to support the actual propagation of the program-spell you'd need to use Space as well. It would still probably be pretty difficult to get any sort of mass-distribution going, since you'd need to build a market for your app, or whatever. Hacking Microsoft to make it roll out with every Windows update might be a bit challenging, since a lot of other mages probably use Windows computers and would...
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  • Interesting discussion. The way I'd view the difference of enchanting a piece of hardware vs a piece of software would be something like this:

    I create an app for a phone. I enchant the actual code to look through a phone and try to identify its owner. If the owner fits X characteristic, the magical software pings me and alerts me that the right person has been found and is at Y coordinates. Maybe it works by leaving some High Speech in the code, hidden behind an obscure way of writing code that forms some sort of pattern resembling High Speech runes and sigils.

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