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  • Resources 4 or 5 is also an interesting option. Play as a millionaire. Money is the best superpower.
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  • RBAWintrow
    replied to Seers
    Perhaps your mixed cabal has been asigned custody of an imprisoned Pangean. Neither the Seers nor the Pentacle want to see the creature unleashed. But they won't have "the other side" have full control over the prison so a mixed group of mages guards the prison.

    You can make guarding the Pangean as involved as you want to. Maybe it's as simple as checking the Wards every day. And it does not otherwise affect the story.
    Or maybe Spirits and cultists make attempts to free the old god. And keeping it imprisoned becomes a tricky plot point in your story.

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  • You could do something like:

    False Reincarnation
    (Fate 5, Mind 5)
    Practice: Making
    Primary Factor: Duration
    Suggested Rote Skills: Academics, Persuasion, Occult

    Upon death you reincarnate as nearby as possible as a newborn with a Fate to Awaken and regain your memories.
    Contact with your Dedicated Tool triggers this Fate.
    This spell may only be used on the caster.

    +2 Reach: The spell's Duration is Lasting.

    Inspired by the "Reborn" from Immortals (page 135) and Cymbeline/Cxaxa Qherephis from Reign...
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