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  • This is all the information I've found that was given by the developer DaveB:

    DaveB wrote:

    It's possible what Tremere do to their soul and gnosis means they can't become archmages. I don't think we've said anywhere.

    Rather than being a Legacy that breaks almost every rule of Legacy design, they're a modified template like Mad Ones; Houses (like Nagaraja or Seo Hel) are the Tremere equivalent of Legacies, which have fewer Attainment slots. And then the Tremere organisation is also a Nameless Order.
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  • If I make a character and spend 5 or all 10 of my starting Merit points on Gnosis. My character starts with Gnosis 2 or 3.
    Would it be possible to then start with both Ruling Arcana at Disciple level (3) and no dots of another Arcana?

    Gnosis 1 characters to have at maximum 1 Arcana at Disciple level (3) and the rest at Apprentice (2).
    Gnosis 2 characters may have as many Arcana at Disciple level (3) as they can afford.

    Mage the Awakening Second Edition, page 86.

    Your character starts with six total dots in Arcana.
    She may only...
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  • RBAWintrow
    replied to Spirit 3 - Control Spirit
    If the spirit is not to weak, it could have Status in the local spirit court. It could have a rank 4 spirit lord to complain to and demand action against the tyrant mage.
    Or the Totem spirit of a pack of fire-touched werewolves might owe this spirit a favor.

    Your overbearing mage might suddenly find many spirits causing trouble for him or the Concilium. Or even receive threats from werewolves!
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