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  • Freederp92
    replied to Hedge Magic and the Fae
    I like kinians and enchanted wisemen and women, they can do magical things. I'm not so good on making new magic paths, been stuck trying to balance one. But what about a hedge magic based around the use of a Narrative? I know it could possibly end up as a mixture of path abilities but fairy tales all have a narrative, so why couldnt a magi make one where chimeras and changelings are pulled to go along with?
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  • As someone who had a blast in the past as a Fallen I remember something my ST never touched on despite our chronicle brushing shoulders with the First Children of Creation. The Djinn according to their history were made before the Creator spawned the first humans. The Djinn unlike the Angelic Host were gifted with individuality and the ability to use magick. I'm kinda curious what others would think of the two encountering each other? Kinda surprised they weren't mentioned in DtF books but rom what i understand the Djinn never really got covered outside a mention or two in mage..
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  • I once played a Demon among Technocrats going on a mission to clean out a local nest of leeches. I built devices to channel my lores and to gain new lores. I looked to the poor static minded mages with their little beliefs and made small pacts here and there to rival your NWO and Syndicate operatives. While we were in the god forsaken hellhole of a maze filled with trimizce and tremere monstrosities our team dwindled down to the pc's and a very old vamp was waking up before us saying it would lead a new generation of horrors. I popped my cover took my un/holy form spraying sunlight across the...
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