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  • Freederp92
    started a topic Chimerical Items-Help me out?

    Chimerical Items-Help me out?

    So one of my players decided to buy Chimera(Item) 5 in character creation. The item in question is supposed to be a dueling saber thats origins are of arcadia, inherited from family. They've asked me what does it do? I bluffed a dirty write up of abilities, like reduce difficulty against formal duels vs. nobles and bonuses to fighting larger chimera.

    I've never really had a player do this, its usually chimera companion 5 in most situations.

    Long story short can someone explain how exactly Chimera Item 5 works?
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  • The ST let it slide I think because in the situation the changeling had something else sticking out of it. Since then we havent dealt with changelings besides two that showed up in our camp and they dont stray far from the camp. The ST has dropped hints though along with one of the threats being a gestalt being including at least one changeling that the next chapter we are about to enter will have a few threats with fey roots....
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  • Freederp92
    started a topic Spirit Magic vs. Changelings.

    Spirit Magic vs. Changelings.

    I know there was a changeling supplement that talked crossover and I think there was one for werewolf but I'm drawing blanks on sources. I want to know how others have ruled the magic and gifts of the garou against changelings and other things from the Dreaming? I've already used spirit snare for example on one thinking they were possessed and it worked.

    Does anyone else think they can help? Either official or just how your own home games have ran.
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