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  • I can see a demolition derby as prime picking and staging grounds for nockers, either physical or chimerical machines going all out and the salvage ripe for the pickings possibly some glamour to harvest from the roaring crowds of people simply wanting to see destruction! Geeze if a Goblin gets involved these cars are gonna be weaponized ala mad max! The place might also host a scrap beast or two.
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  • Freederp92
    replied to The Dreaming
    From what I understand to enter the dreaming bodily, you have to find portals or doorways into it. Freeholds might have doors into the dreaming if big enough or you could use Wayfare, with it there is a cantrip if I remember right to make a portal to the Dreaming attached to a trod near by. There is also the possibility of wild portal spawn and belching forth things but it works both ways, the downside they can be on trods or out in the wilderness of the dreaming.
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  • I feel like the fusion of chimeras would happen a lot, the effects of the storm eater on the dreaming probably wouldn't be felt immediately. Though with decimation of towns at the hands of Waking Sleepwalkers might starting affecting the dreaming plus the fear created by the horrors of warped spirit and flesh melding.

    The little blurb of wyld west did note also a influx of mechanical chimeras that no one knew the source of, those alone might make a group hunt down its source under the employment of a nocker..
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