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  • The subtle influence of Spirits either affecting the world or the campers affecting them. What do the Junior Foresters do? Do they teach kids to respect nature? Clean up litter? Do the Troop Leaders teach kids how to venerate the natural world? Good chance if the Junior Foresters have been around a good amount of time a spirit might manifest to reflect the organization's teachings, like the Ultimate Forester. If campers go out and about away from the Foresters camp and encounter things they shouldnt, the spirit might manifest to protect his Wards.

    The campers might even befriend spirits...
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  • Let me ask this then, what Tribe does your kinfolk descend from? Hermetics tend to just grab possible apprentices, the trials you go through to get accepted can result in your death. The Hermetic Code also has the problem of in the first line you are bound in loyalty to the Houses of Hermes, their allies are your allies and their enemies are your enemies. So what happens when the Order begin to view your Kin as a threat? Also any action that can be deemed to harm the order can backfire against you such as telling your kin that a Cray is in the possession of the Order and sits on the ruins of a...
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  • If the game is Dark Ages, are you using Dark Age:Mage then? I've played a Mage in that system before and it went well especially with the lack of advanced Magi Ascension mumbo jumbo since reality isn't as concrete yet. Masons are just beginning their rise to power, Bygones don't need to hide in fear of Paradox, and the Gauntlet isn't as strong.

    If you do use DA Mage then I'd suggest Spirit Talkers, or possibly as you mentioned above someone who began as a Hermetic and couldn't reconcile with their 'we can catalog and identify all creatures and phenomena. He could look to the other...
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  • Freederp92
    replied to Changeling and Cults
    Well there was a Pooka example in the Kithbook that did form a cult of alternative medicine and lifestyles, he formed a commune where he is their religious leader, took away things that could lead to banality, open relationships for everyone especially him since he was the Holy Leader so the next generation growing up had a healthy amount of possible pooka blood flowing through them. He wanted to show the fruits of his labor once it bore fruit, try and get other changelings on his boat of self made divinity.
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