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  • Freederp92
    started a topic Resources for Bygones?

    Resources for Bygones?

    Can anyone help me with this, I am searching for more info on bygones besides the Bygone Bestiary. While it covers many bygones, were there any others? Searching for creatures from the east besides lumping them into the category of spirits or chimera.
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  • Freederp92
    replied to The Dreams Rekindled
    Those sound interesting, I really wanted to bring more asian and oceanic fey to the game. Possibly a spin on what the local concepts of the Enchanted and Kinian would be. For example I had played in a game once where there was a 'Magical Girl' Kinian.

    Cant wait to read c20 I have so much work to do.
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  • I have seen how werewolf treats it's two Aliens and so far I have treated alien things like spirits unless they are special and more physical. Those I so far have stated with fomori rules.

    I was told that the Grey's and something from the edge of reality lurked in the world of mage. Was hoping to hear more about these, and even more beings that are part of Canon....
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  • Freederp92
    started a topic Void Engineers-What are Aliens?

    Void Engineers-What are Aliens?

    I know alien can describe a multitude of beings in the WoD but my current interest is in the deep umbral space past horizon. Can anyone give me details on established beings or how to generate such things?
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