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  • Sandact6
    replied to PEACH Red Locust Swarm MA
    Congradulations, you made a style I was planning to make someday. Let's rip this apart and see how it works

    Form weapons: AW &%@# YEA! EXPLOSIONS! But seriously for a moment. Why the flame tag? It makes little sense on a Grenade. I'd give it the crossbow tag so people with Thrown charms can have some fun. But the implementation of the weapon itself leaves some things to be desired. Everything within close range is as expected of an explosive, but for withering attacks this is wildly OP, as you're gaining withering damage from every target hit. In that case may I ask why a base...
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  • Sandact6
    replied to Ask the Devs
    In regards to the Sailing rules they feel heavily tailored for 1v1 fights, but what happens if it's something like 3v1?

    A) Does the single ship make a single roll compared to all other ships?
    B) Does the single ship roll multiple times, one for each ship in the area?
    C) Does the single ship only get to focus on one ship at a time and the others make uncontested rolls?

    I really doubt the answer is C, but I want to check my bases here.
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