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  • Torrential Lead Downpour (Artifact 3 Black Jade Grand Reaper Shellcaster)

    Torrential Lead Downpour (Artifact 3 Black Jade Grand Reaper Shellcaster)

    Border skirmishes along the the Linowan and Haltan territories were nothing new, but the vicious and coordinated attacks brought on by the Haltan people were something on a level that the Linowan were not used to. A massive war effort coming from the Haltan jungles had them supported by soldiers equipped with modern day assault rifles, terrifying guerilla wood elementals that lurked in the forces, and potent Exigents from the pole of wood that led the charge. The Haltan Forces pushed past the demilitarized...
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  • Sandact6
    replied to Gauntlets of Distant Claws in 3e?
    I have it on my list of things I want to do.

    Its a long list.
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  • Sandact6
    replied to On Municipal Charms
    For me the real challenge of city or colossi charms isn't how to balance high essence power, but how to make charms that feel uniquely city.

    Part of the way cool charms are made is if you make people understand how this specific splat can do that thing. City forms may be the final stop for alchemicals, but they operate like completely different splats.
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  • Heartflame (Artifact 4 Orichalcum Daiklave, Arms version)

    So it appears the artifacts in the leak and 3e corebook won't likely be converted not only due to practicality (Old stuff doesn't sell) but also due to legality reasons. It would be a total waste of anyone's time to try and convert such things.

    Thankfully my time is already worthless. Plus after writing nearly 150 pages of Creation Jam I need to take a break.

    Heartflame (Artifact 4 Orichalcum Daiklave)

    Heartflame was forged with an incredibly high purity of Orichalcum that could have only be forged with the heat of Southern volcanoes. The owner poured...
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  • Sandact6
    started a topic 3e Dragonblooded Ero charms

    3e Dragonblooded Ero charms

    Vance said that he would rather not write Dragonblooded Ero charms.

    I'm not Vance.


    Cost​: -; Mins​: Resistance 2 Essence 1; Type:​ Permanent
    Keywords​: Balanced, Earth
    Duration​: Permanent
    Prerequisite charms​: Untiring Earth Meditation

    A pillar of Jade forever remains standing tall and inviolate. This charm enhances its prerequisite, which upon activation allows the Dragonblooded to last (Resistance) times long when it comes to any sexual activity. If using this charm for sexual activity...
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