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  • Joboo
    started a topic If I wanted a Relic that can transform

    If I wanted a Relic that can transform

    How would I do that?

    Like a piece of jewelry that transforms into armor at command or a pen that changes into a sword?

    If one of the forms is basically useless or ornamental, should I just use the concealable tag for weapons or is there a knack or boon that would be better for this?
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  • Joboo
    started a topic Release Schedule

    Release Schedule

    So I have been out of the Onyx path fold for a while now but I have Scion 2nd and am digging it. I am thinking of running it, but looking at the release schedule, some of these could come in very useful to get the juices flowing/ideas. I know Onyx doesn't do release dates until its ready to go, but does anyone know what the normal time frames are? I am especially interested in the Mysteries and Creatures of the world, Titanomachy and Demigod. The others seem cool as well but I would probably get less use out of them.

    First Draft
    Scion: Demigod (Scion 2nd Edition)...
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  • Joboo
    started a topic QQ Relic Creation

    QQ Relic Creation

    Real quick question for designing a Relic.

    If I have a 2 dot Relic is it that it gets a +1 Enhancement AND access to a Purview or does it get a +1 Enhancement OR access to a Purview? Based on the examples, it appears to be the 2nd but the text is not clear....
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  • Joboo
    started a topic Mometum & Legend

    Mometum & Legend

    Does anyone have a consolidated listing of what you can spend Momentum and Legend on. It gets kind of confusing once you factor in Virtues and Paths and Titles.
    I am not asking for a listing of all Marvels and Boons and Knacks, just the other stuff.
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