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  • CofDave
    started a topic Orgnization Composition

    Orgnization Composition

    So I've recently been playing a lot of Dragon Age Inquisition, and I would like to play someone who builds up an organization similar to the Inquisition in that game.

    My question is mostly logistical, as I'm personally not that well versed in this sort of thing. What sort of organization would s large military group use? How would I spread out the duties? And most importantly, how would I translate that into merits?

    Off the top of my head I'm thinking the base army itself and maybe the scout/out riders would be represented by Command, blacksmiths medical and administrative...
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  • CofDave
    replied to Least disruptive Awakened
    I think I'll go with the Nameless option. I can always join an Order later if the story calls for it.

    I'm also going to avoid the Spirit Arcana entirely, let that be the purview of the Werewolves entirely.
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