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  • I'd say that the scale of Control Fire would determine how large of an initial fire you can affect. Contrary to popular belief, forest fires are rarely single fires, but are far more often many smaller fires, fairly well-delineated, which could be brought under control or even extinguished with Control Fire.
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  • Mind 1 Knowing would be the correct Practice to determine if a particular being is or is not sapient, yes?
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  • Let's get back to the original topic. What sort of Virtue and Limit Break would suit the media trope "Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil?" Well, it varies a lot. To take examples from my characters, I'll use a Zenith priestess, an Eclipse spirit-talker, and a Changing Moon infiltrator/seductress. In order: Deliberately Cruelty going off Conviction would suit the Zenith because she sees rape as a particularly severe violation of the Heavenly Order, using what should be a source of pleasure and communion and healing as an implement of pain and violation and suffering. For the Twilight, Berserk...
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