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  • Resonances:
    Fire: the “purest” of the Resonances, famed for inspiring people and being excellent leaders.
    Earth: the Resonance of stability and harmony, work best at building things that last, and usually have access to great amounts of wealth.
    Water: The Resonance of innovation, Water Djinn are inventors and thinkers, and often manifest in the bodies of scientists.
    Air: The Resonance of travel and freedom, Air Djinn are messengers, pranksters and spies, serving their circles from the shadows.
    Wood: The Resonance of life and growth, the Wood Djinn...
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  • Djinn: the Unchained (Fansplat)

    Hi! I'm looking for feedback and brainstorming help for a fansplat I plan on working on, for the next few months. The basic conceit: The Unchained are Djinn who steal the bodies of humans that align with their Resonance, the manifestation of the Smokeless Fire each Djinn is formed from. They do this to hide from the Binders, mortal sorcerers who seek to trap and enslave Djinn for their powers.

    I have a number of the parts of the system worked out, but no mechanics down, and I definitely need help with the fluff, as I'll freely admit that isn't my strong point. The development...
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  • This is so awesome!
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