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  • Generally, yes, its going to start at satiety potential 1, and I'd even go farther than the -1, to say it would be an average of -2, "meals procured by others." So yeah, there is a penalty, you're absolutely right. 0-1 is about going to be the average starting dice pool. A cult can procure meals for you, even willing ones (I'm definitely not making up the idea of willing repeat customers for beasts), and neutralize the penalty, however. Overall, the infrastructure of a 'sex worker' relevant operation is well within the scope for a beast cult; not the cult itself as clients (usually)...
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  • Re: Alchemists, its a pretty radical change, so sure. They are changed inside and out. A mere 1 dot unseen sense (divine fire stuff) works.

    Less than a breaking point, and some of the shocks are quite minor. ANY show of power can satisfy a tyrant, for example, and even a minimal transgression that makes you feel a little guilty can satisfy an enabler. 1 dot enabler/tyrant feeds are pretty ubiquitous human interaction....
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