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  • Deinos
    replied to Mummy: the Curse 2e Kickstarter
    I agree that it should be easier to lose Memory than to build it. However, I don't think that the mostly automatic nature of Memory loss presents it well as a struggle instead of an inevitability; the process is mostly passive. Even the retention of Memory post-Duat is a gift from the Judges (and ST) rather than reflecting intentional effort on the part of the PC, which is (imo) unusual given that they normally don't seem to like Memory.

    Frequent righteous actions in line with your Declaration seem the easiest route to getting Big Memory, and sounds good, as far as actions you can...
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  • Deinos
    replied to Farming Vitriol
    Wait, why are people saying you need a Fate mage, or sublimati and centimani and so forth?
    Anyway, I love these guys both for their humane (100% certified mindless beings) vitriol manufacturing and for how you can have a whole town of apparently normal looking folks who are completely mindless (this says a lot about society). Great ST possibilities.
    Perhaps the most important part, however, is a reason for pandorans to show up that isn't insanely infrequent.
    I am sad that the tormented stuff was cut. Although I'm not sure what the point of P-zombies experiencing torment is.
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  • Deinos
    replied to Thoughts on Guiding Star?
    Secrets of the Covenant p 196
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