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  • Thank you, everyone! I appreciate your help!
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  • Gordona8
    started a topic Orpheus Spectre 'Health'

    Orpheus Spectre 'Health'

    So, I understand that in the Orpheus game line bashing removes one 'vitality' and lethal removes two. PCs have the option to tap Spite or a Spite Rating to get back Vitality. In the case of Spectres I am having trouble figuring out if they have more than willpower points and thievery to 'heal' with. Can they somehow tap their Spite to regain it as well? Sounds weird.
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  • Gordona8
    started a topic Constantinople Clan Rarity Help

    Constantinople Clan Rarity Help

    I am intending to run Constantinople By Night with tweaked By Night rules in a 30+ person larp. Part of the system in defining which clans are available based on a rarity merit. Those with no restriction require no additional merit purchase. Those that are uncommon require a 2 dot merit. Rare a 4 dot version.

    Which clans should put for each level?

    Here are some thoughts so far:

    Common: Toreador, Ventrue, Tzimisce, Lasombra, Nosferatu, Brujah, Gangrel
    Uncommon: Setite, Assamite, Malkavian, Ravnos
    Rare: Cappadocian, Tremere, Geovanni, Baali...
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