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  • You are acting like this isn't a perfectly-valid tactic used by the Wyld Hunt in Creation. If anything, the technology advancement in the real world makes mortals more likely to be able kill Exalts, not less. Can't ignite that caste mark on your forehead when you don't have a head any more via large-caliber high-velocity round applied directly to the forehead.

    Exalted are strong, not invincible. My mortal players have killed Exalted with spears....
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  • Boston123
    replied to How is your party using Resources?
    This is where I have found it useful to implement "living standards" one can choose to maintain themselves at.

    Among....well, arguably-most social circles, a leader is expected to keep their followers to a certain "quality of life", as it were. Your household troops/loyal followers don't want to be treated like dirty peasants, and would appreciate getting better food, better living quarters and more. Likewise, if you are a leader, you are expected to maintain yourself to a higher standard, not just hoard wealth. And, as always, things need repairing, and repairs...
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