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  • I didn't mean that the Sabbat would be fine with the Ahrimanes as heralds of Gehenna, but that it would fit the tone of how the sect was presented in early Second Edition. Basically I was talking about OOC themes rather than IC views....
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  • It's certainly possible. The same people who made the Storyteller's Handbook to the Sabbat (written by Steven C. Brown and developed by Andrew Greenberg) were also responsible for Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand a year later, and that book is full of plot threads that were supposed to bind the various gamelines together, only to be quickly dropped when the book bombed.

    A key feature of early Second Edition Sabbat is how the sect embraces weird mutations, accidents, and experiments of the blood, offering them a sense of unity and purpose. At this stage in the game, the Sabbat is very...
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