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  • I know its a little bit late, its been nearly a week since my last game session and the finale to my prelude story so here it is.

    Session 4:
    Continuing the fight Alvan launched into his attacking, letting out a pretty solid shot and sending Lokshal into initative crash and the whole thing spiralled out from there. Lee did a decisive attack with his meager 4 initative and managed to total the amount of damage on his turn, then the landslide happened. Alvan and Phoolon both did a decisive and dropped Lokshal from his 6 health levels right the way to 11, so I moved on to my "next...
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  • Before my game this weekend, and the eventual update of the Actual Play part of my game, I thought I would touch on the campaign journal a touch by putting in some things I suppose about future events I want to happen in my game.

    The first is "what was" and by that I'm going to be using things from their past lives, mainly some people and places. One of them being the flashback of the warrior clad in orichalcum in the arena, who is going to show up in their memories occasionally as a mentor figure; some one who taught their previous incarnations how to fight and defend themselves,...
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  • Session Three:

    This session was slow to start as I was late showing up at my buddies house due to parental responsibilities, but we still managed to get a reasonably solid amount done and the session will be continuing this following weekend. So far:

    The players had trekked from Dashing Cheetah's village, leaving behind any retinues that would have slowed down the journey following the path of Lokshal to a small mountain seemingly just plonked into the middle of the desert. This mountain range was pox marked with cavern mouths, some only a mouse could use while others...
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  • Ok so its been a couple of days now since I wrote in the first session but fear not, hear comes Session Two.

    After the circle had scavenged for supplies, Phoolon had been looking around the town much closer than others and spotted that most tracks left behind are heading out southwesterly, towards the desert so naturally the circle followed. After a few days of scavenging supplies from other destroyed towns, finding Kakhana's Dragonblooded lover and Phoolon's simhata Sancha,they come to plateau's edge overlooking a patch of scrub land where, a destroyed caravan being looted, near...
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  • Session 1:

    The players start the scene in a savannah-esque landscape complete with acacia trees, saw grass, boulders of various sizes and other environment appropriate objects. In front of them, a short distance away are a group of hobgoblins with lion heads atop strange and gangly forms. One had rended a goat carcasses in half and launched the back end at them before they growled and roared in unison *roll initiative*. (At this point, I kept the players relatively in the dark about why they were there. I told them prior to the session about it and how it fit into my "coming...
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  • [EX3][Campaign Journal/Actual Play] The Fires of Passion

    Howdy do one and all.

    First off I'm going to start by saying this is the first time I've ever decided to recount what happens in any games that I have either run or taken part in. In fairness I can say its been a long time coming me actually doing one, as some things that happen are just to good to not share; or at least I'm hoping.

    Secondly a small note on the type of players that I have in my group; lax at best. What I mean by that is I can to them and give them a little pitch about what it is that I want to try and run and most (if not all) will respond in the casual...
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