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  • jerkajerka
    replied to How do you destroy a soul?
    Yeah, a Slasher was after them after they got a soul jar with its soul trapped in it. The Moros thought it was a good idea to just smash the jar and then destroy the soul.

    We discussed the Sacrament thing afterwards, and figured that it made sense to destroy a soul fairly easily in that case, as you could envision the magic 'consuming' the Sacrament/soul. However the Moros wasn't using it as a Sacrament - maybe he should have haha... I can imagine ruling this as the actual 'easiest' way to destroy a soul... and alternatively, as Neos01 mentioned as an example, using an Attainment/Death...
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  • jerkajerka
    started a topic How do you destroy a soul?

    How do you destroy a soul?

    Surely this has been addressed (and asked) before, even recently - sorry for the repeat question - but I can't find anything direct about it.
    How, exactly, does a Mage (or other splat) destroy a soul?

    We couldn't find it on the fly in a game I ST'd, so I quickruled a death weaving spell would do it, but in retrospect I'm not convinced I did the practices justice. Weaving doesn't feel like it's enough, but at the time, unmaking was (and still is) out of reach. Strongly feeling a retcon coming up... any pointers to official rules/errata would be appreciated, or however you play...
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