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  • I've been thinking that Vicissitude will end up being a collection of alternate Protean powers. One power I suspect they'll get is the ability to use Protean powers on others.

    This is actually kind of cool to me if it does turn out the direction they go because then we could see something like Medea from Greek Mythology turning all the mortals into animals. It would also mean misplacing the heart of another Kindred and forcing them into the earth. IMHO this would mean they could do Vicissitude and be an explanation for Kolduns that doesn't require Blood Sorcery....
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  • In his Q&A Matthew Dawkins seemed to heavily suggest that Oblivion was basically Necromancy and Obtenebration merged into one Discipline.

    I do think Vicissitude will be Protean but I think, like the Setite Ministry with Eyes of the Serpent, Tzimisce will be getting Clan unique powers for Protean that will lend themselves to Vicissitude powers.

    Hecata is an obvious one imho, so I agree with that spread.

    Chimerstry is the one that is wracking my head the most but I'm inclined to make it Obfuscate with maybe Clan unique powers....
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