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  • In which the Circle celebrates a momentary victory that was never meant to last…in style! Sidereals really know how to party!​
    EPISODE 5 - The Bathhouse Between Worlds

    After the mad dash that left a Third Circle demon defeated in one blow, the Circle sets about helping the townsfolk clean up the destruction and chaos left in the demon’s path. Chaos soothes the townsfolk, using his undeniable presence and a bit of visual illusion laced with essence to calm the people and convince them to go home where it’s safe, for the death of the creature had left a dangerous crater of bubbling...
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  • angelicshadow
    replied to Ang's Exalted Sketchbook
    Finally finished my exploration of Kalara's casual clothing set! I wanted her to have a simple, yet stylish casual look that shows off her elegant taste. You can read more about my design thoughts for this character at my story blog.

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