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  • Thanks, Necrophear! That site was super insightful! Definitely what I was looking for....
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  • Thanks for chiming in everyone and thanks for clarifying the equipment mechanic. Makes sense. I think I was over complicating things.

    Yeah, I didn't really vibe with the "What do you find?" mechanic. I think that is a different kind of game where players make the story and STs are just "refs". I think WoD lends itself for more open ended play unlike D&D and others, but I like to try and paint within the lines as best I can mechanically.

    Does anyone have general way that they lay out scenes?
    i.e. in a generic murder mystery you have a killer...
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  • Bunnicula
    started a topic Creating Fan Content

    Creating Fan Content


    I have been developing a setting for the passed 10 years and have been urged by my players to publish it, post it, etc. does anyone know if there is a "dmsguild" equivalent for WoD? I would contact Onyx Path directly but I'm not sure who would be best to address this to.

    Any info would be great!
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  • Thanks, WHW, for the feedback.

    So when you run investigation scenes, do you make a certain amount of clues to find; i.e. a list. Do X successes reveal X number of clues? Or do your descriptions become more direct?
    I am really trying to make an effort to not railroad my stories and scenes and trying to adapt to a more sandbox/free form play style (not yet successfully to my standards, ha). I am trying to adapt to the new rules and do like the approach of failures not being "You don't find any clues" since the clues move the story forward.

    I guess I'm looking...
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  • [CofD] Investigation and No Hard Answers

    I've started a new Chronicles of Darkness game and generally love the changes made to 2e. Love the beats, love the conditions and tilts, xp costs, overall I feel everything changed for the better.
    My group follows the standard trope of occult private investigators ala "X-Files" so investigation, finding clues, and solving mysteries is at the heart of the game. This sounds pretty standard from what I've read.
    I tried to forgo planning out my crime scenes to the letter and give a more free form approach to clues as advised in the "No Hard Answers" section (p.77)...
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