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  • I looked it up; and you're right

    In that case then I would base it on Knit (Life 3), with lethal healing and removing tilts as Reach options. And I would also make Regeneration work this way... as it is, temporary regeneration is kind of useless, and Prime becomes the go-to healing arcanum.

    Maybe limit the Prime version so that the aggravated damage which inflicted the tilt must still be present (your pattern has not yet settled in the new broken shape), which is why you can use pattern restoration to fix it. As a side effect the Aggravated damage is upgraded...
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  • Pattern restoration can't restore limbs though. I would allow prime weaving to do pattern restoration on others, yes. But the effect proposed is almost as potent as what life can do.
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  • Maybe because in 1e, tass was inert. I seem to remember a dog turned to tass looking like a statue of a dog. Which might be slightly reminiscent of temporal stasis. Just spit balling...

    The only way I would allow prime to restore limbs is with making. A variant on 'eidolon'
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