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  • Cool idea with the Green light/Red light.
    The serendipity one is a bit pushing it though. With fate i would have gone with "shifting the odds" but as written it takes too much time.

    If the spell can find the nearest "corrupt cop", a "stranded witch/wizard" should be easy enough... maybe a combination with "locate object" to actually know where they are?

    I actually chose to Ground eater to avoid the sensation of speed... it would be quite uncomfortable but yea, for accuracy, yours is probably better. With...
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  • Idle thought experiment: the Knight bus

    As part of an amusing thought experiment, I decided to try to make the Knight bus (or an approximation of it), from Harry potter movies with spells from the Mage magic system.

    It's an approximation, and the only important part i'm missing is how the conductor would detect stranded witches and wizards.

    Break boundaries (Space 2), with the reach option to pass through narrow pathways, and a long duration
    Ground eater (Space 1), with a +2 reach options to change the speed addition to multiplication ala Acceleration (time 3)
    Incognito presence...
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  • Hmm, what would be the impact of adapting the Keys mechanic from the space arcanum as a reach option for general spells?...
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