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  • The Nilbog
    started a topic What Man Was Not Meant To Know

    What Man Was Not Meant To Know

    So, one of the classic complaints about 2e is that it overexplained things, making canon what was meant to be ambiguous.

    Well, nothing we forumites say is canon, so I'd like to take a crack at some weird and esoteric setting details and see what we come up with. Questions like:

    * What was/is Zen-Mu like?
    * What (besides the Contagion) has the Dowager pulled out of the Well of Udr? Who built that thing, anyway?
    * What is the Shining Answer? Has Gaia found it yet?
    * What were some of the other Primordial races from the Age of Glories? Do they still exist...
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  • The Nilbog
    replied to Alchemicals and 3E
    Fair enough, but the Soulsteel sodalites (whose name escapes me atm) seem to have a less Adeptus Mechanicus-esque, much more pragmatic, scientific approach. And they're the ones doing most of the actual inventing anyway....
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  • The Nilbog
    started a topic Alchemicals and 3E

    Alchemicals and 3E

    So, with the new edition de-emphasizing the magic-as-technology parts of 2e, where does that leave Autochthonia and the Alchemicals? Are they going to embrace the return to more classical-fantasy attitudes and behaviors, just with a couple of gears and electrodes added for aesthetics, or is the contrast between Autochthonia's more scientific, technical approach to magic going to be played up to make them seem even more alien to Creation and its inhabitants' more animistic sensibilities?
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