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  • mrobviousjosh
    mrobviousjosh posted a Visitor Message for negZero
    Hello. Read your post and replied but didn't get an answer. If you found another player, no big. Thanks for your time.

    Btw, I posted, "I'm interested but you didn't post day/time that will be played. It isn't on the Roll20 site either. =D"
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  • (Roll20) VTM: 20th game looking for one more player

    Chronicle Name: Rite of the Seventh Swords
    ST: negZero
    Play Slots Available: 1
    System: V20
    Setting: Philadelphia
    Method: Voice and Roll 20
    Status: Recuiting
    Rite of Seventh Swords is currently set in 1996 Philadelphia. Using mainly the V20 core book however some other source books are allowed. This will be mainly 90% roleplay and 10 % combat game. At this point you will be currently playing fledging/new embrace character. The game will be mainly horror mystery and personal journey
    The current city is in a war. The Cam-Anarchs have...
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    Last edited by negZero; 06-12-2018, 03:47 PM.

  • Read the quoted section again. Its new player group they don't know any of the sects really so I showed them in game each one...
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  • Hence why I was thinking the hidden pouch in the neck. He techincally drinks from it but doesn't consume. Basically Clinton "I didn't inhale" defence...
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  • Why does he want to do such dangerous task. Cause the player wants to do it. Face facts Prince would gladly send fledging lasombra who showed on her door one night on such stupidly dangerous mission especially if he volunteer for it

    He knows about the Sabbat cause, its an all new player group and decided to show them all 3 of the major sects so they could choose which one they wanted to join...
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  • He is a fledgling, lucky story wise the Sabbat just had a failed shovelhead mass embrace. He currently serves no master and has no blood bonds. How short or long is something leave up to the player. Age wise he is going on his 3rd night and is 9th gen. He wants to work this out with Prince but just don't know how to get it to work out.

    Am thinking high levels of dominate, with some fleshcrafting from the Fiend who is doing similar job but with the anarchs. Fiend making little sacks of blood from another vampire that can be used in the vauldire instead of his own.

    I will...
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