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  • DuncanD
    DuncanD posted a Visitor Message for DrSharky

    I have used your character generator in the past but most people i play with do not speak english (i live in France) and if you'd be up for it, i would be delighted to translate everything to french.

    Thanks a lot for your work
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  • Thanks for the clarification, I get what you mean. I definitely like the separate lists for LotC/LotB. I'm unsure about tagging the clans, but with an added layer of advanced settings somewhere in the rest of the post I've written below, (good luck on the text dive) I think I will add that too.

    Thus far I'm focusing on V20 material only for the tool. So the fact that I'm including LotC and LotB over other source books might make more sense based on that. But I understand your point in how that would work with a new player. Before I saw your post I was sort of working...
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  • Yes, the part about a category for LotC and LotB merits is what I think I'll be going for. I'm not quite sure what you mean by the 2nd part. As for making the merits/flaws available to more than 1 clan, I somewhat agree, as they certainly are purposely placed under the clan they best fit with. But even discipline powers aren't necessarily clan exclusive, because other clans can learn those disciplines too. That would leave the merits and flaws the only mechanical things that are clan specific included in these books. I'm still not totally sure on how to use them....
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  • I think I might just use enough judgment to figure out which ones are intended to be clan-specific, and then put all of these in separate lists depending on which book they are sourced from. Eventually I want to make a second page that doesn't have rules applied, to provide a more sandbox experience in creation as an alternative to the rule-based page I have now. So far this route makes the most sense, for now at least. Thanks for the input!...
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  • I appreciate the response, thanks. That would unfortunately leave the drop down list to be extremely long. Like, ridiculously long. It doesn't help that I list different point versions of the same merit or flaw as different from another. For example, the Enemy flaw can range from 1-5 points, so I list each version of that one as different. They appear in the list like this: Enemy (1pt), Enemy (2pt) and so on. Not to say that couldn't change, none of the systems I already have in place are flawless of course. I could possibly allow the user to choose the flaw, then if it has a range, choose the...
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  • V20 - Organizing the Merits & Flaws from Lore of the Clans/Bloodlines

    Hello all, I'm the creator behind the VTM Character Creation site here:!/creator
    Basically just an interactive character creation site, (still in progress, I know it looks awful!) and I'm adding some merit/flaw stuff.
    Not an advertisement, I assure you, I would just like some assistance in clarifying things.

    What I'm trying to do
    I'm trying to include the merits and flaws added in the Lore of the Clans & Lore of the Bloodlines books in the site.
    Thus far, I have organized the merits & flaws how...
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