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  • Crash and break does seem like the main strategy, providing he doesn't get lucky and hit you with a 16 die + 22 damage withering attack, crash you, and then immediately grapple your ass. That being said, nope, you can punch this thing to death, it just has 25 -0 HLs. And as Blaque concurred, both in terms of action economy (time spend actually engaging this fight) and in terms of actual real strategy, you're much better off slogging through the health levels rather than trying to break its legs.

    An easy fix for that, I think, is if the "break the legs" special gambit also...
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  • My only real problem with Mata-Yadh is that it seems too strong to be a "larval" behemoth, but more importantly, that using the specialized gambit against it seems like a serious, serious mistake. In order to get it to -1, you need to blow through 12i while having roughly 22i against this monsterous soakbeast. And not only that, but when you try to do attack him, even with the gambit, he can wombo you with a reflexive attack that has a difficult 8(!!!!!!!!) to avoid? Which deals as much damage as the Silent Wind AND blinds you? No thanks? I get that once you get him to -2 he can't do...
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