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  • It's actually a holdover from when the game or at least his story started. He was born somewhere in the 40s or 50s. Back then that would have caused a lot of problems.
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  • He's actually more a talented musician and composer, granted his etiquette sucks, but with EV and Ability Aptitude (Expression) for composing, he somewhat makes up for it.

    The big trick would be his sire and the fact he has flaw Infamous Sire, Smiling Jack from the games and from Bloodline.

    It's part of why I'd probably want to talk to an ST so I could make sure everything character-wise is lined up.

    Him being an ex-Anarch turned traitor could cause some additional problems. SJ did some ate up shit getting himself a soldier.
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  • The other thing is that he is absolutely lacking in etiquette. He's got a bit of talent with finances, performing and such. But he's of a rather lower class background which I figured would effect how they view him, at least to some small extent.

    But no, Clan Friendship almost automatically makes whichever Clan you choose it for think your character is awesome? Not gonna lie, that sounds incredibly useful. I wonder why more people don't grab it?
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  • How would the Toreador react to a Brujah like this?

    I'm working on retooling the essentials of my current character for use in a Camarilla-focused game.The basic idea as stated is that he would be close to a Hybrid of the two clans, with him being both a warrior and an incredibly gifted musician, one to rival and surpass most Toreador of his generation and age. The basic premise with this version is that he would have betrayed his sire, after finding out what his sire had done in the course of embracing him, to join the Camarilla. Being mentored and tutored by an older Camarilla Brujah on how to act and how to behave within the Camarilla. He'd...
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