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  • Dataweaver Care to share thoughts on my idea for his Torment? The idea is that he’s ruled by his passions. Love and to anyone who hurts those he cares for, wrath or vengeance.

    The concept that came to mind while planning him, was that scene from the Universal Pictures version of Frankenstein, where the monster comes across the young girl.

    The idea is that Jamie will be a friend to children and animals, a truly gentle giant. What caused him to be seperated from his mother, was him befriending a young blind girl. When she was strangled to death by her father, he went...
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  • Can I get help creating a Galatean?

    Okay, so I'm having some trouble finding flaws and the like for my character, but I can fairly quickly and easily.

    The basic concept is a teenage boy Galatean, created by a Galatean woman and her Frankenstein Beaux as their perfect child. Personality-wise, he's a gentle and beautiful giant, with his Elpis being Love and his Torment being Vengeance or Wrath. IE He's a being of passion, both gentle and violent ones. Archetype-wise he'll be similar to Sloth from The Goonies or Max from Freak The Mighty. With some variations. He's a big, dumb, and gentle giant, with the mind of a child...
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