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  • Kvedulf
    replied to Superheroics and CofD
    Hmm, so I've been out of touch with the more recent phases of the MCU, so its hard for me to judge how to best replicate the tone and scale will fit. As an alternate source - I'd suggest the web serials Worm and Ward, which definitely lean hard on superpowers as a curse or at least a mixed blessing. Ward in particular fits the introspective tone that's been mentioned for CoD games. One concept that might be worthwhile to port over (and I think has been discussed in relation to Mage) is that secret identities and shadow names are courtesy thing - many CoD splats have methods to gain information...
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  • Kvedulf
    started a topic VASCU and Lansing

    VASCU and Lansing

    So I had a thought on VASCU and their quest to investigate crimes and bring slashers/serial killers to justice with FBI protocols and psychic powers. What happens if they apprehend and sentence a major template supernatural who also happens to be a criminal? Certain abilities would be a nightmare for long-term imprisonment - Changeling's resistance to being bound in any way, Spirit Mages and Werewolves stepping sideways into the Shadow reflection of Lansing Facility, etc. Would this likely be a case for the organization's leaders to look the other way while an agent put down the being?
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