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  • PixelPuzzler
    replied to Most Mundane Mage
    The Sleepwalker flaw certainly seems like one way to do it, although it does seem somewhat inappropriate in a Mage game, given how expressly the game highlights both new awareness coming with the awakening and how magick is an active force of will. Plus the focus section would be a little weird.

    No, much as I appreciate the idea, I think what I'm looking for is a character that, sure, knows that what they do is "more" than what other people can achieve by the same results, but much like the invigoration etherite or the syndicate op, that's just because he's so much better,...
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  • PixelPuzzler
    started a topic Most Mundane Mage

    Most Mundane Mage

    So this is just an interesting concept I had in mind and discussed with my ST, and we have a few ideas about how to build their focus and how they might work in play, but I wondered if anyone on the forums had ideas too. The concept was relatively simple, a character that is ostensibly a mage, but enacts their magick in pretty much the most mundane ways possible. For Life effects they'll go to the doctor and eat healthy food while taking pharmaceuticals to heal, or they go to the gym for a few hours a day to improve their attributes. They'll engage in the use of Prime via the Primal Utility method...
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  • Talking? Bah, when has that ever done anything /s
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  • I can see the validity in the above points, but I definitely think there is a niche you could slot a mortal into nicely. That being the role of "person who uses the tools mages provide and has the skills to do so that the mages likely lack because they invested in the ability to *create* those tools." A rather lengthy sounding niche, but hopefully that conveys the point. Although I fully agree that you're probably going to have a tough time of things if the other mages in the group aren't willing to play ball and help you out in certain arenas. Especially the umbral stuff. But most mage...
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  • Advice for the current plot in my game

    So the situation is this. We're a semi-mixed cabal. 3 Hermetics of different houses, and a Verbena Set in New York. The current situation is that we were given a mission. Many of "our" (Really their the traditions, but hopefully you get the meaning) cults are being actively subourned by Technocratic operatives, and in addition there appears to be more than a few unaligned orphan mages in the area. We're supposed to find and attempt to convert the orphans, and we're supposed to stop the subversion.

    Our group is all Arete 3 and our spheres are House Flambeau (Forces 3, Prime...
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  • How hard would it be to play a non-mage effectively?

    This is mostly a curiosity post, but I was wondering how difficult it would be to pull off a functional feeling and/or enjoyable character in a Mage game without being awakened. They don't need to be completely mundane, but probably shouldn't be another major splat like a werewolf or vampire.

    Part of this thought process was in the vein of EXP and Skill efficiency. Such a character would be able to spend the exp that mages spend on spheres and arete on attributes, merits, backgrounds, etc. At a much faster rate. Further they wouldn't be nearly so "ability deprived" because...
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