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  • I actually mostly agree. It is absolutely inevitable that you'll roll a bestial failure or messy critical at some point, and because willpower damage is incurred in social conflicts, spending willpower to reroll that is even more harsh, and that's even assuming it's possible (Two huger dice coming up ten, not that unlikely in an elysium with likely vast amounts of social disciplines being thrown around and a lot of social combat occuring resulting in a lot of dice rolls. I mean, shit, even if there are only like 10 vampires there you're almost guranteed a messy crit or bestial failure every time...
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  • Why would the ST encourage the players to break with the Chronicle tenets that they collectively agreed were of interest to them? Why would everyone build their characters that way if they agreed that they wanted those tenets? That just seems like being an ass. The protective convictions are there for the edge cases.

    Player 1: I think killing should only be a stain if it's not in self-defence.
    Player 2-4: We think all killing should be a stain
    ST: How about we compromise. We'll make all killing a stain, and you can grab a conviction to help it so your character can be...
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  • This was more of an issue with the older humanity system, where it was straight up universal (and God the ST's I had to deal with sure made you fuckin know it. Sometimes it was quite insufferable)

    With the new system it's not *too* bad, as you as a group are sitting down and deciding what sort of moral themes you would like to see in play, and if you think your character has a moral view that differs from that base, convictions are there. And as far as I know the tenents section doesn't apply to NPCs, so it's not really universal. You're just selecting the themes that you want to...
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  • Regarding that, I've noticed most touchstones instead tend to be used as a way to not suffer for breaking the Chronicle principles. No killing often results in a conviction and touchstone of "Do what is necessary." In my experience of play. It's how I'd do it too. Not great....
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