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  • Three new inheritences- Haunted Houses, Scary Monsters and Dopplegangers

    Cloistering: The Beast Retreats

    They'd never really felt at home anywhere. Not the intermittent council flats of their childhood, not the shitty apartments of their adulthood. They'd always felt lost.

    But here, in the depths of their maze, they were home. A place where no-one could enter but them. A place all for them, with walls of knifes and dark water to keep others out.

    As the water filled their lungs and their vision faded, they
    should have felt terror. It should have felt like dying.

    it didn't

    It felt like going home.

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  • This is maybe more a reading comprehension on my part but...does a collector's hoard do anything once they have it?

    That is, does disrupting/damaging/stealing it affect the beast in any way, or does having a particularly big or impressive help them?

    It feels very much like it should, thematically speaking, and i'm sure i remember seeing that mechanic somewhere, but i can't see any indication in the book. Maybe i just dreamt it (ironically) but i would like to make sure.
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