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  • Urbenmyth
    started a topic In which I homebrew Krewes

    In which I homebrew Krewes


    See above! I came up with various ideas for Krewes for a game. While it feel through, I i like them enough to try putting them here. I am not an experienced homebrewer, so if they are terrible beyond all reason go ahead and tell me.

    My first Krewe- The Cemetery League! (tier one)


    Ban- obey genre tropes. The Cemetery League are real life superheroes, and try to act like it as much as possible. They don’t kill, they keep their identity secret, and so forth

    Duty- Fight crime. Simple enough, go beat up
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  • Mocking comparisons to particularly good things are also probably a thing, like "Well, look at Mr Beast Incarnate over here" to the beast being beaten up by the small kids it tried to feed on, or "The angels might as well give up the hunt now, they're never spotting you" to the Demon whose cover is a 23 year old 'nam veteran.
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  • Urbenmyth
    replied to How do you kill a Sin-Eater?
    In my hunter campaign, I have houseruled that a sin-eater has to roll psyche+synergy to resurrect, and the more closely this death replicates the original death, the harder the roll is.
    So killing them in the same way/in the same situation etc add penalties, while things like the exact same weapon/the same place/the same killer add large ones.

    The idea is that the Geist has effectively delayed that original death, and by convincing it/the underworld/death itself that the death has caught up with them, the bargain is broken.

    It requires some fluff changes but it...
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  • Urbenmyth
    replied to How do guilds actually work?
    So it is the "they are magical archetypes mummies have rather then conventional political organisations" thing? Ok, that makes more sense. Thanks!

    (also, I think I might have been confused because my previous experience with mummies was Mortal Remains, which implied that mummies very rarely awoke. Should have read the descent rules more closely. Oops)
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  • Urbenmyth
    started a topic How do guilds actually work?

    How do guilds actually work?

    I have recently got the corebook and yeah. The average mummy is active for a few months a century, with no connection to when anyone else is active, has an overwhelming personal mission during that time, and barely remembers their own name. How do you have a society with that kind of creature, never mind complex politics and ideologies and interrelations?

    I have been considering trying it but I just can't see how this makes even handwavey sense. Do the guilds only exist during sothic turns? Are they archetypes the mummies follow , lingering for Irem, with no current political power?...
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  • In terms of intergroup insults:

    Given a lot of the splats have group enemies, connecting to them might be an insult, even indirectly. "Uncaring" may be a much harsher insult for a changeling then a mortal, because being uncaring is the True Fae's main shtick. Likewise maybe "tyrannical" for a mage or "spooky" for a hunter. Direct comparisons are probably less used because they sound clunky, but they could be, and might even be done as stealth insults- calling a beast "heroic" would be a good way to insult them without sounding like you've said...
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  • I really like those interpretations of the lineages. I would put the Zeka (which totally still exist shush) as being based on the need to redeem yourself, to create something to make up for what you've destroyed and to have a child/creation who can avoid your mistakes.
    Maybe bodies found in other horrifying acts of war and destruction could also be used to make a Zeka, if the desire to make something good out of something horrific is there....
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  • Justifications, a more developed beast society- or my first homebrew fluff!


    Back when Beast was in its...controversial....phase, I came up with a vague extra axis for beast. I will put it here to be critiqued/insulted/erased from the internet as appropriate.

    Disclaimer- while there's nothing graphic, a lot of these deal with the justifications people come up with for doing horrible things. If that is something that upsets you, you may wish to stop reading.

    So! it began with the idea that Nemesis doesn't quite seem to fit in the rest of the hungers- see countless online discussions. So what if it wasn't a hunger, but a justification?...
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