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  • I don't have any ideas for mechanics, but thematically, I had an idea for the Charm for Lashing someone in a different direction other than down: bind their essence, temporarily, to one of the Elemental Poles. This causes them to go flying off in the direction of that pole. Assuming an infinite "height" for the poles out beyond the bounds of creations (or the top of Mount Meru at the center of the Blessed Isle) would allow you to give the target altitude (bind them upward), or you could skip them across the ground like a giant stone in a lake.

    Again, not sure what the mechanics...
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  • Whew; you scared me for a bit there. Sanderson is one of my current favorite authors, so I was looking forward to more of that universe from him.

    Back on topic, direct gravity manipulation might be a Sidereal thing; but the overall effects of the Lashings are already reasonably simulated in a few Solar Charms (Spider Foot Style for walking on walls; Unbound Eagle Approach, Soaring Crane Leap, Mountain-Crossing Leap Technique and Eagle-Wing Style for approximating flying). About the only thing missing is the ability to stick people/objects to other things and draw fire at onesself....
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  • Did Sanderson decide not to continue writing it? Last I had heard, it was estimated to be planned for about 10 books or so. Though, I will admit I don't follow press releases for things all that much (or at all)....
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