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  • Yeah, that was my thinking about Tilts, Charl.

    My objective is to try to (better?) stike a balance between playability and realism. Usually a person (in the real world) is lucky - or considered to be - when a single bullet doesn't kill them. I understand that's my opinion, and I understand the converse is true (as combat kind of is now) where many shot won't kill you. It just seems like the latter scenario is more likely as the rules stand. My thought is that, with a damage boost, a substantial attack roll (or a "lucky roll") will do terrible damage, but still most likely...
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  • But isn't that the paradigm? Usually the one who draws first and fires usually (but not always, I understand) has the advantage? But I think it would be unwise assume that you would go first every time you get into combat. Now you bring up the subject of going first and I think that's where the focus would be: winning initiative would now become paramount.

    Good point! What would you suggest? Initiative every round?...
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  • Good point, Inodiv. I could increase all +0 damage to +1, then double everything else. If I do it this way instead of the flat +2, I ponder the same question/concern....
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  • Lord Dynel
    started a topic Implications of increasing damage?

    Implications of increasing damage?

    What would the implications be, on a campaign-wide scale, of increasing the damage of all weapons by +2 across the board?

    My aim would be to make combat more lethal. Increasing damage would serve that purpose, and in it it makes combat something players would (hopefully) want to avoid if at all possible. When someone pulls a knife or a gun, I want the players (or the NPCs) to step back and consider the gravity of the situation. I think that gets lost sometimes. But are there other considerations that I am not thinking about?
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