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  • Undead rabbit
    started a topic So, how many fera out there?

    So, how many fera out there?

    We roughly know how many werewolves there are out there. Storyteller's handbook gives us an average 15k werewolves alive, which can be scaled up to 20k or down to 10k, depending on wheter the storyteller wants a more or less desperate setting.
    Tribes size goes from 500 (Stargazers) to 2000 (Bone Gnawers).

    And that is fine. But do we have any canonical statement for the others Fera? I know that as a rule of thumb the Ratkin should be the most numerous among them, while some breed like the Ajaba should be almost extinct.

    Ah, I'm searching for canonic answers, so nothing...
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  • Undead rabbit
    started a topic Mad saboteur on the Wikia

    Mad saboteur on the Wikia

    Now, I don't know if any admin of the White Wolf Wikia is here, but user ip. buffed 48 character sheets on the wikia, and I had to undo every single change he did.
    There is any way to ban him? People use that Wikia, and wrong sheets can give problems, and this dude buffed them on purpose
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  • I was werewolves have easy ways to increase combat dicepools? Vampires have physical intensity, potence and celerity, Mages can buff skills ad attributes and so on. It would seem strange that the most combat oriented of the splat Is the one with the smallest combat dicepools...
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  • About awakening a vampire from torpor
    The book says
    "As well, any vampire with two more dots of Blood Potency than she has can feed her a point of Vitae to awaken her "

    Does the phrasing imply that the Blood must be given freely? Or any Blood, despite how It was obtained, would do the trick?
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  • I'm Sorry but which 2nd gen baali are we talking about?
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