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  • That's one of the wormiest can of worms the setting ever had, just on par with Lambach Ruthven generation and sire.

    Now, what do we know:

    We know that Hardestadt the Elder was a 5th gen Ventrue
    We know that Jurgen Von Verden was a 6th gen Ventrue
    We know that Pieterzoon is a 7th gen Ventrue
    And we know that Tyler is a 6th gen Brujah.

    The problems:

    1) In two scenarios of Giovanni Chronicles, which takes place in 1444 and 1666, both well after the supposed diablerie (1395), the old ventrue sheet says he is a 5th...
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  • Undead rabbit
    replied to V5 Populating a city
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  • The Giovanni Familiy is composed of

    The Dunsirn clan - a scottish clan of bankers, big money in Europe since the XVIII century and one of the richest family of England

    The Milliners clan - a Bostonian family of bankers and mobsters, great influence in New England

    Hidalgo- A narco family in Mexico

    Della Passaglia - Necromancers and merchants, they are among the few cainites that can make buisness in Asia since they have an agreement with the Kue-jin

    Ghiberti family - a family of slavers that made money at the time of the Altantic...
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  • Antedeluvians needing army is something of this edition.

    In second edition and Revised Antes didn't needed army, no more than Chtuluh needs his followers.

    I too dislike this change: the Chtonic horror given by the Antes was one of the things that made me love vampire.

    Every setting has its own kind of chtonich doomsday harbingers: the Aswadim in Mage, the Maeljin in Werewolf, Apophis in Mummy, the Onceborn in Wraith, the Yama Kings in KOTE and so on....
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  • This is not the first time you go with ad hominem and insult people randomly.

    Now, it seems that you have some kind of problem with this community, in which by the way you just arrived; maybe, if your taste in RPG is not shared here you might consider looking for a different place where your tastes are a bit more shared?
    Because at the current time you are

    1)Insulting people

    2)Avoiding answers

    3)Patronizing people on how they play

    4) Advocating rule zero as a fit-for-all solution when several people have made clear that for...
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  • BJD implied that Mithras powers where coming back in full, and in Children of the night is said that his generation is going up and down, it is not stable.
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  • Well every harbinger of skull is a "purebreed" cappadocian. The leader of the Harbinger, Unre, was the childe of Japhet. The only other line of purebreed cappadocians are the

    As for the fetters yeah.

    It's all much like Wraith.

    Shadow dice/Hunger dice
    And a greater emphasis on keeping your shadow/beast at bay.

    Problem is: Wraith, while I liked it, was not for everyone...
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  • It is not, but it is funny since there are people here that would consider that the game the Op want is either wrong or of inferior quality. The op is just the proof that there are many way to play vampire.

    Getting back on track

    1)Use touchstones rules from Requiem, in V5 touchstones can only be humans, and since your characters are 800 years old they will probably lack human touchstones. Use objects, places and the like.

    Otherwise use the rules from V5

    A Touchstone might be:
    ■ Your surviving human spouse, lover,...
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  • "There's basically two types of Elders in Vampire; the active kind who are basically unstoppable, and the inactive/newly active kind who are also basically unstoppable but give you a sliver of hope in that you're educated on modern tech/politics/etc.
    For active Elders, they totally dominate the story of a game even though the game is supposed to be about the players.
    Elders may make for interesting storytelling, but they make for *terrible* gaming - and this is, after all, a game. The existence of so many active elders in the lore makes it basically impossible to compete as a...
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  • Ahhh my bad, I apologize, it was Ian Watson.

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  • By the way if we want to go with the "Hardesdat knew and faked his death" we could also call into the plot the Doppleganger division of the Archons.

    Another informal designation, "doppelganger"
    refers to a very deep-cover agent . They are all
    masters of disguise, impersonation and intelligence
    gathering, both of the mundane variety and through
    mastery of Disciplines such as Auspex, Dominate,
    Obfuscate and - in the case of one specific archon,
    if hearsay is to be believed - Vicissitude .
    Most doppelgangers...
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  • And yet if we take the first big character roost and setting Vampire ever had, Chicago By Night 1991, we find a lot of vampire who are nice guys and are not solitary predators,have no kind of contradiction and problem with being a vampire that must feed on blood and do not simply fit that description

    Among them

    Joshua Tarnopolski
    Hank Cave
    Anita Wainwright
    Jimmy Holcomb
    Rosa Hernandez
    Evan Klein
    Johann Weltmann
    Tommy Walker
    Katy Glens
    Garwood Marshall...
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  • 1)You must remember that Ventrue clan has different rules when it comes to personal power: a Ventrue authority and power comes from his Dignitas, not from his age, and Dignitas is not bestowed by how many nightd you survived, but by results (and how you achieved those results); you can be as old as fuck, but if you didn't achieved anything in life you dignitas will be nothing. On the other hands Hardesdat was the most powerful Vampiric Prince of continental Europe and one of the founders of the most powerful vampiric organization since the Eternal Senate, and he was the epitome of what a Ventrue...
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  • Always tought that Vampire would benefit from some rough guidelines for discipline creation. Something less specific than the Spheres description but less generic than the guide in Thin Blood.
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  • Eigermann is still canon in BJD, just as most of Berlin by Night (still no signs of snake-vampires thx god).

    Even more Eigermann is the easiest pick when it comes to Hardesdat sire....
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  • Both Mithras and Hardesdat are members of the Directorate, but remember that the Directorate existed long before the Camarilla and that in the directorate there are no kings, every one is equal (just like at the time of the Eternal Senate), so in the end getting the upper hand in the directorate is more a matter of political influence and alliances and voting blocks.
    In the last centuries Hardesdat managed to be the Directorate best player, since he has been the Inner Circle representative since the dawn of the Camarilla. What Hardesdat lacked in personal power he made up in influence....
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  • In the directorate there are the most powerful and ancient elders and methuselahs of the Clan. Even in all his might Mithras can't stand the power of the Directorate.
    There are reason if Mithras, while adversing and hating Hardesdat, had to comply with the Camarilla; in 1666 Geoffrey Leigh of clan Gangrel was sent as emissary to him to remind him its place and assuring Mithras partecipation in the Camarilla.
    Mithras is not the only Ventrue methuselah
    playing games in these nights. Eigermann is in torpor but he is influencing is discendants as he wish, BJD posed the scenario where...
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  • Which by the way is somehow hinted in BJD.

    p. 546

    Besides, Marcul Vitel already pulled such a trick with bell (he used a shadow clone), so yeah, why not, Hardesdat might have been "inspired" by the Roman....
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  • That would be true if we were not talking about Ventrue.
    Remember that for a Ventrue the main power resides not int the Inner Circle of the Camarilla, but in the Directorate.
    It is the Directorate as a whole who choose the Inner Circle member, the Directorate that rules intra-clan disputes, and while is true that "in absentia " Hardesdat would not be the top dog in the directorate he would still be a member of it. Even if he wakes up after a couple of centuries and Mithras is still around, they would be both members of the Directorate, equals in the eyes of the Clan. Hardesdat...
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  • "Come on Montano! It was a joke! Just for the jest sake! No ill will between us right?...why did the lights went ou--."
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