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  • On the other hands some place have plenty of them. There are 5 Meth in Chicago, 4 in Berlin, 2 in D.C (maybe 3) and so on.
    I would dare say that they are rare, but less rare than one would think. The real thing I think is that you don't see them. In Chicago only two Meth are known to the general public, in Berlin none, in DC only one and so on.
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  • They would have been defiled: the history of the White howlers is a moral tale about the difference beetwen courage and wisdom. Getting in the fray, klaive in hand and war paint in the face is useless sometimes, you cannot fight the wyrm with sheer brutal Force, that's why the tribes are losing the war. To fight the wyrm you have to fight the dark side of human nature, not the wyrm spawns. Kill a maeljin and after a century or two a new one will rise, kill a Pentex director and someone else Will take his Place, the Hydra has many heads, you can't cut them all.
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  • Undead rabbit
    started a topic Ur-Shulgi as the Unnamed Baali

    Ur-Shulgi as the Unnamed Baali

    Now, we pretty much know about Moloch and Nergal right? Their history is told in many source, the Baali clanbook above all.

    Now, I was reading the Storyteller handbook, and some words seemed...familiar....

    From the Storyteller handbook, describing Ba'al the Destroyer, the Shaitan

    This is the text about Ur-Shulg that was not published in the Assamite Clanbook

    From the first text

    From the second one

    In the first text it is said about the...
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  • (sorry but where in the book is it said that Caine is the Eater of souls? I can't find it)

    It would not be the first book that says that Caine is a big thing even in other setting (in Mage Caine is the first mage ever,and the killing of Abel was the first act of will that lead to Paradox), but i'd like to check.
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  • The triatic wyrm is much older than Caine and the antediluvian, it goes back to a time where no humans was on Earth. Never the less the Antediluvian are for sure one of the mightiest manifestation of the Wyrm on Earth, at least on pair with a Maeljin Incarna.
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  • Large dogs includes dogs that are bigger and more powerful than a Wolf, like the bullmastiff,the kangal, the irish wolfhound, the caucasian sheperd, the aksarai and so on.

    Besides not every Wolf is a Gray Wolf: eastern wolves and Red wolves are considerably smaller.

    When a wolf meet a kangal dog, the wolf is a dead wolf
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    There are large breeds that have been created specifically to kill wolves. The Central asian sheperd dog was called volkodan, which means "Wolf crusher"....
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  • And any claim that the lines are separate must explain why Rage across Russia, Rage across New York, Rage across Amazonia, Nights of the Prophecy, Times of Thin Blood, Blood Treachery, the Book of Chantries,Dark Alliance Vancouver,Valkenburg Foundation,New Orleans by Night, Washington DC by Night,Midnight Circus,Under a Blood Red Moon,Book of the Wyrm,Apocalypse, Ascension, Project Twilight,Guide to the Tecnocracy,Euthanatos revised, The Horizon War triology. the Book of Madness, Masters of the Arts (and more or less all KOTE and Wraith) are all written on the premise that all these worlds are...
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