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  • Pitching in an idea for the creation of a divergent timeline as I agree that would indeed make things easier to handle for the Storyteller: in one of the older Vampire's supplements for blood sorcery there is this ritual:

    Turn Back the Skies

    My idea being, the mages in your story could come across this ancient ritual, decide to adapt/translate the ritual to True Magick and add a different spin to it - borrowing Ramnesis' idea -: to avoid being powerless when they go to the past, these mages could be using the Mithraic temples and the faithful within simply...
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  • Would be a fun little twist if these guys from the very far future trying to prevent the end of the world had to ensure a key event of history still (possibly something very, very bad) ocurred. But in the process they end up facing other "good" time-travellers trying to stop such a thing because they don't know the whole picture.

    For example, 2000s mages, going through Times of Judgement go back in time to prevent the end of the world, in such an universe some catastrophical key event must be upheld, like Hitler's ascension to power because that put in motion a series of...
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  • Thanks for the input thus far, cleared some of the doubts I had but for nondamaging powers, the need to roll it would derive for example, if the in-built ability was healing: how to measure how much damage would be healed by each use of the inbuilt healing ability? Maybe 1-agg per Quintessence with you being able to use that as many times as your Avatar rating allows you to, in that turn?...
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  • Abilities of the New Form/ Additional Abilities

    Hey guys, a little question about how dicepools are handled for additional abilities for new forms through Life 3/Life 4 and some more, M20 How Do you DO That has the following quote, please RAW answers if possible as the Storyteller is mostly a purist:

    So my questions are:
    1. When having a "vulgar" additional ability active I suspect it would aggrue permanent Paradox for as long as it's active; what's the rate of the Paradox gained if at all; is it one per new (vulgar) additional ability?
    2. If permanent Paradox is in fact aggrued, would...
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