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  • Speedbump
    replied to 3rd Ed Sidereals
    Raksi is Essence 7 as of the Lunars Kickstarter preview. In practice this just means she has larger mote pools than Lilith or Ma-Ha-Suchi as they each only get one unique "Elder Prowess" charm, but they don't seem to be making Essence 6 the absolute cutoff. I'd expect to see Chejop at 7 based on that, but if they want to make him the highest Essence Exalt rather than equal highest he'd need to be at least 8....
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  • Speedbump
    replied to Exalted: Arena
    So aluminiumtrioxid's immaculate fights made me wonder how well a non-immaculate Dragon Blooded martial artist would actually stack up. It'd be a bit rude to go from lurking to asking someone to do more work on my behalf, so I took a crack at running things myself. I've got to say that I hadn't appreciated quite how time consuming running an unfamiliar character and their opponents through a fight can be, so thanks to everyone in the thread for all your efforts. That out of the way, here's the details:

    Steel Devil Stylist:
    Aspect: Water
    Attributes: Str 3 Dex 5 Sta 3 /
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