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  • Taejix
    replied to Lunar Charms Feedback
    Rerolling 1s is usually the equivalent of adding 1-2 non-charm dice, depending on dice pool (one in ten dice is a 1, rerolling them is basically the same as rolling another die, most attack pools are around 12-16 dice before excellencies). Hence my statement that FtNE, at 3m, is less efficient than an excellency unless the opponent has a medium weapon (and thus you have something to negate). Technically it's also better at range, where cover is more likely to be a thing (and reading the previews has me wanting to play a lunar archer if I get a chance).

    It's a good charm and I like...
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  • Taejix
    started a topic Lunar Charms Feedback

    Lunar Charms Feedback

    Overall I love the new Lunars. So much so that I've sat down to analyse every E1 charm they have, to make it easier to make characters. (Still working on some of the trees, I'll update this as I finish those.)

    I did, however, find a few unfortunate duds. Charms that were less efficient than an excellency, enabled some action that was already possible, were locked behind misfitting or too numerous prerequisites, or were just too specialised to be worth the charm purchase. A friend of mine mentioned that the devs were A) really cool and B) open to feedback and suggested I write up the...
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