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  • Now here is a topic close to my heart.

    I have recently in game had a Baali NPC perform Daimonion 7 - The Re-Embrace on a Ventrue NPC for dark and nefarious reasons.

    How I run it is that I have the "victim" become a Baali completely. They lose their previous clan characteristics including clan flaw and revert to a Baali in every way that matters. Those they embrace are Baali, their weakness switches to the Baali clan (which could lead to some interesting plot twists if you corrupted a Nosferatu for example) and their blood shows that they are Baali. They lose...
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  • To be honest I have no specific reason to include these (other than The Drowned as a concept sounds cool) but I like to have my metaplot and canon straight in my mind to cover any and every possibility for PCs. My game is already pretty huge spanning various cities, times and continents so it's not like I need this additional detail, but I am somewhat of a completist. I was mainly seeing if there was a skeleton of a plot or concept behind these to attatch my own lore too or curious if anybody had their own homebrew metaplot of them that i could adapt as opposed to having to come up with it from...
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  • I love the Baali and have featured them in my games quite a bit. I would describe them as a Bloodline.

    Great post. This is how I handle them too pretty much. The only difference I have in my own canon is that I tend to leave the reason as to why Saulot "embraced" them a mystery even to him rather than have it be a clear mistake and I don't have the Warrior Clan created specifically to deal with them....
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