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  • TheExplosiveArrow
    replied to Entropy, mage 20th.
    So there's no definitive answer to this, other than assuming it works the same way? I mean, there are some stuff that aren't changed in M20 just re-written in a fancier way, and when they left that out I got curious. I mean, with the sphere's usage you can alter the odds to allow you to succeed at such actions but I was just making sure. I summon Ambrosia because she's been by far the only person to give a definitive answer regarding such manners.

    Thanks for your help, Saikou....
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  • TheExplosiveArrow
    started a topic Entropy, mage 20th.

    Entropy, mage 20th.

    I've been wondering about Mage 20th entropic usage, the rank 2 of the previous titles allowed the character to use a certain application called "Begginer's luck" which could, for each success in the arete roll adds an automatic success on a random action of the player's choosing. I haven't found anything about this spell in M20 or How do you Do that, I might be blind and overlooked it but I re-read this twice.

    Was this spell negated on M20 or is it usable?
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