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  • Saikou
    replied to Who uses paradox dice?
    This is how I do paradox, but I made a few tweaks to the system in order to incorporate the feel of being able to do a lot of magic from 2nd ed, as well as the gradual unease of paradox accumulation that came with revised.

    Just like M20, paradox is 1 points per vulgar effect, and at sphere for a botched effect. Like revised I make it even harsher if witnesses are present.

    Paradox is completely stable at 5 points, and relatively unstable up to 10. What this means is that, until 5 points no backlash will occur, and until 10 only botches will cause a backlash.
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  • Saikou
    replied to Suggestions for some rotes

    As an added challenge, I am not going to look at HDYDT for advice. This will be pure sphere interpretation.

    This requires turning your body from a matter pattern back into a life pattern at the point of death.

    For the transformation you need Matter and Life. As this is a transformation, Life 4 minimum would be required. The level of matter would depend on how damaged the body becomes. at the point of death could be a simple Matter 2 since not much has changed. If there's a great deal of decay, however, this may go up to Matter 4 to make very specific changes....
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  • Hey, welcome to M20. I'm more of a revised guy myself, but I have read through M20, so hopefully I'll be able to give relevant advice.

    Wonder rules have almost always been hazy. I'd argue that charms don't really do paradox since they are one use, i.e. the fact that they destroy themselves upon completion of the spell could be considered "paradox" enough.

    That's one way to interpret it. I prefer to interpret it as Prime 2 being able to make charms out of Tass itself, and thus do not need to use Prime 3 to move quintessence about, since it's already in the...
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