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  • I like the idea of making the wraith they contact innocent.

    Perhaps the acolyte and the master were killed by the priest who now has an active effect in place to keep the seal in place. The acolyte wants the priest out to justice, while the master, who is full spectre, will watch and subtly mislead them, thwarting their attempt to investigate or learn anything, and if they somehow fail to get the priest killed then they show up with all their spectre abilities to get the job done themselves....
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  • Saikou
    started a topic Help constructing a halloween one-shot

    Help constructing a halloween one-shot

    I’m toying with the idea of running a newbie friendly Halloween one-shot for a group of RP enthusiasts. I’m assuming they have no experience with WoD. I’m not sure what numbers I’ll have, but let’s assume up to 6 players

    The idea in my mind is that they would all be a part of a Verbena coven, getting ready to celebrate Samhain by communing with the dead. However, they get the attention of a spectre who takes this opportunity to ask for aid. I haven’t decided what the spectre would ask for, but it needs to be something that seems innocent enough, but turns out to have disastrous...
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  • In the week since I’ve posted this, I’ve come up with a few ideas on how to connect everyone.

    The free wraith’s family is abusive and neglectful of the girl, this neglect is something which we gave to his son, and has since passed it down the line.
    They also began the shipping industry that rose on cheap labour, which morphed towards slavery as labour laws changed over time. The family run it at an arms length, and the wraith protects them from any legal trouble via puppetry.
    The other two deaths were more direct. As a concequence of his son’s hatred of him, he...
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  • I can see you’re quite invested in this style of play, but I’m going to tell your straight up this is not y style at all. It’s far too power-gamer, not nearly philosophical enough.

    Arete by default is capped at 3 points on character creation, so allowing them to get it to 5 is a deliberate choice that you have made. And I’m sorry to say that 5 points of Arete is master level status by all official account. From this point the only place to go is towards archmagehood which in my mind is when a Mage falls from the path towards ascension and into deep hubris.

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  • There's a simple solution for this. Just explain to your players that you realised you messed up last time and didn't properly read the rules on Time 2, and now you have you realise its scope is a lot more reduced than you originally thought. If your players are mature then they'll get it and just move on with the revised system. If they are going to complain that the are no longer able to be OP, then there's a bigger problem here than you being inconsistent. You are the ST, and that means your interpretation of the rules must be adhered to, even if that means reassessing previous ruleings and...
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  • Saikou
    started a topic Tying my player’s deaths together

    Tying my player’s deaths together

    Just started running a new game with four players and have completed psyche creation, we did a little shadow but left it incomplete until next week.

    The setting is a fictional English costal city in modern day. 6GM has not happened.

    We have a 15 year old homeless immigrant from an Asian country (unspecified) who worked essentially as a slave on a fishing ship. They got sick during a long voyage and their work suffered, and as a concequence was killed by the captain during the night and thrown overboard.
    They regret that they did not know their family and also wishes...
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  • Just a small thing to add. Time 2 is not the “tell me all” sphere a lot of people think it is.

    Depending on the paradigm it could just give vague intuitions, dream like symbols, points of data, vague shadows, a single clear image, or even just a crackle mess of pixels and static.

    The time Mage would have info, but not all the info. And arguably if their paradigm doesn’t beleive that time is fixed, they might only get possible past events that would require entropy to comb through.

    Time magic RAW wouldn’t even give a very clear understanding of past...
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