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  • I've written a few entries for SCP which are still around. So I know them pretty well.

    I like to describe the entries as Technocrats trying to describe an episode of the twilight zone.

    It's not a bad source of plot hooks, there's some really good stuff in there that's just ripe for redressing into a mage story.
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  • Saikou
    replied to Let's populate the British isles
    A few years ago, I ran a London centric mage game. I wrote it all up as I went along and came up with the following bits of world-building

    The Verbena featured heavily in my campaign, mostly because two of the players wanted to be verbena and another had verbena as a main factor of their backstory. The Verbena book, funnily enough has quite a bit of information, such as the Glastonbury circle who are looking for the return of King Arthur

    I had London as a technocratic stronghold. The Progenitors headquarters was in Guy's hospital, the Syndicate practically owned the City...
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