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  • Ah, found it. Soul Fire Resurgence. Brilliant. This combined with Phoenix Renewal Tactic ought to suffice for keeping me alive if I get hit.

    Was kinda hoping that I would be able to use it with my Temperance, since that'll be my primary Virtue. Oh well. Thanks for the help.
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  • CarnivalCash
    replied to The Out-of-Context Game Quotes Thread
    "I don't think I'm willing to lower myself to the level of 'God'." - Me in response to my circle-mate's plan to set us up in a facade as the patron deities of a region.

    "Argh, pussy! Come back here, you sandy bitch!" - Right after having an enemy Infernal with twice my Essence abandon the clone of himself he was possessing because he was losing the fight.
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  • Building a Virtuous Combatant - Need Help (2.5e)

    Hi, so I'm currently working on a character whose entire combat strategy revolves around his virtues and his belief in his invincibility. I have the barebones down already, but there are a couple of charms that I remember existing but I'm having trouble finding them again.

    The first is one which allows you to spend a Willpower and Virtue channel and rolls the dice for that Virtue, then heal a number of health levels equal to the successes rolled, or something to that effect. Could anyone remind me where this is?

    The other thing I need is the most efficient way for a Solar...
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