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  • CarnivalCash
    replied to Is your character a special snowflake?
    Well, I am currently playing an Abyssal who was Destined for Solar Exaltation but the Mask of Winters got wind of this by way of the Green Lady and proceeded to engineer his near-death before augmenting him with a bunch of necromancy and necrotech implants to turn him into the ultimate killer. Unfortunately, his previous incarnation(who happened to have the correct Caste) figured this out and decided to go rogue, cause a mixup which caused his own Monstrance to be transported to the facility rather than the one containing the prepared Exaltation, then destroyed the Monstrance right before committing...
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  • CarnivalCash
    started a topic [2e] Lunar Half-Caste and Moonsilver Tattoos

    [2e] Lunar Half-Caste and Moonsilver Tattoos

    So, I'm about to begin playing in a 2e Exalted game in which the players have been encouraged to come up with the most outlandish concepts we can think of. I have settled on the idea of a Lunar Half-Caste who exalted as a Solar, but I've hit a snag. I've taken Material Resonance so I can attune to Moonsilver as if I were a Lunar, but I vaguely remember somewhere something saying that only a full Lunar could actually benefit from receiving Moonsilver tattoos. Does anybody know if this is true, and if so, where it would be located? Joining the Silver Pact is kind of an important part of his backstory...
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