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  • adonus
    started a topic numina and manifestations

    numina and manifestations

    Can ghost use blast numen without using a manifestation effect?
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  • adonus
    replied to Demon cover and true sight
    True Sight of St.Abel
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  • adonus
    started a topic Demon cover and true sight

    Demon cover and true sight

    In mortal remains concerning Demons it says, "A demon can also spend a Willpower point to counter any effect that would reveal her as a supernatural creature. This applies especially to supernatural effects. She can’t pretend to be a vampire or a ghostwalker, but she’ll appear as fully human."

    Does this mean a hunter using true sight (of whatever variety) can be duped automatically if the demon spends a wp or is it referring to people seeing the demon do a supernatural act and being convinced it was mundane?
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