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  • adonus
    replied to Mesmerize condition help
    So during combat, a hunter is mesmerized. The vampire orders to drop your weapon. THe hunter throws the pistol to the ground. After the command, while still mesmerized, will he then attempt to pick the weapon up? A debate is going on as to if the human hunter can even attempt to pick the weapon up again....
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  • adonus
    started a topic resisted endowments

    resisted endowments

    Current group is working on a custom endowment. The core hunter book has design questions you are supposed to ask (can it be resisted), but i guess my question is when in your opinion should an endowment be resisted/contested? One player suggested anytime a power tries to take control of a person/creature (mind or body) it should be resisted. What process do you all use? This will mainly involve benedictions/holy gifts and powers.
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  • adonus
    started a topic Mesmerize condition help

    Mesmerize condition help

    With the mesmerize condition, it is stated it lasts the entire scene or until the sun comes up. If you order, "drop your gun!" and the person fulfills the command, does the condition end or are they still mesmerized? Basically, while mesmerized, are they just a puppet waiting for continual orders, or is it a one and one type of deal?
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