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  • adonus
    started a topic SAS for 2nd Ed Ghost/spirit adventures

    SAS for 2nd Ed Ghost/spirit adventures

    Has there been a published book (like an SAS) with a working demonstration of the 2nd Ed ephemeral rules? Like what a scene of exorcism would look like using mortal characters - tearing down open conditions, looking for anchors...etc.
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  • adonus
    replied to Advice on making Endowments
    More information would help. For instance, what is the theme/conspiracy of the endowment? Can it be learned outside of the Conspiracy? Does the source of the power matter to you or your players?
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  • adonus
    started a topic research actions for ghost/spirits

    research actions for ghost/spirits

    The 2nd rule book makes mention of the need to use Int + Occult to do research on the target entity. How do you normally handle that in your games? Is the research mainly finding libraries and family history documents or do you use the research action as a type of on the scene investigation to find the anchor/resonant conditions in the haunted environment?...
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