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  • adonus
    started a topic Custom endowment (1st ed) question

    Custom endowment (1st ed) question

    A player is introducing a power and we are looking for some wisdom. The question of whether the entity should contest with:

    Wits + Occult vs....

    Permanent willpower (Resolve + Composure)
    Resolve + Tolerance

    The power makes it so that dread powers cannot activate for X turns (rough draft right now). The question is an issue of design: how do you all make a judgment when designing endowments and their resisted/contested pools? Most often, the single resistance trait + Tolerance seems to be the obvious choice as examples set forth in the rule book, but...
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  • adonus
    started a topic Benedictions in 2nd edition

    Benedictions in 2nd edition

    Hey y'all. In the 2ed coming out soon, and after reading the various play-test rules for Endowments, do you think that the Benediction Endowment will still need a separate skill trait (Prayer/Benedictions/Faith...etc) separate from regular skills or do you think a simpler approach like using academics (similiar to Lancea Miracles in V:TR) would be more of what to expect. For one of our test plays, we decided that a different attribute would be used, but Academics with a specialty in (Benedictions/Rites/Prayers) was needed. One player protested suggesting a varying skill and that the prayer or...
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