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  • Ulisses
    replied to Vilanized Salubri
    Salubri = paladins? Nope im my thoughts, the clan is formed by honorable and duty avenger warriors and sage healers, but is not everithing black and white and all clans is friends because Salubri is good guys.

    Carthagians Brujah dance with devil, Moloch and Troile are lovers.
    Arikel and Nergal are lovers too.
    Gangrel clan is lonners by nature, and im not read nothing about Salubri and Gangrel or Nosferatu alliances.

    Samiel hunting down Tzimisce, and probably dies in the process (and Dracon give the "Tzimisce baby embrion" to Yorak)

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  • Ulisses
    replied to Vilanized Salubri
    Better argument is the Baali origins.
    No one betwen antidiluvians show apears to confront the acusations of infernalism and relate the true behind the Baalis.

    The Seven Elders and Tremere can spring rumors about "true" genesis os Balli blooline and the participation of Saulot in the processes, matusalens of clan Salubri is the primary target (isolated elders, Salubri clan is full of wanderes and lone wolf right).

    Associate the Salubri clan with Baali genesis is the best line conspiracy for me, i see beyond, the Baali can leak pieces and proves of bond...
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  • Ulisses
    started a topic Vilanized Salubri

    Vilanized Salubri

    Tremere in the kindred history vilanized, conspirated and hunted the Salubri clan.
    I have dificult to show this plot in my campaing scenario in Dark Ages, how Tremere create vile rumors and diabolized the entire Salubri clan only baseated in one lvl discipline.
    Is a weak argument....
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  • Ulisses
    started a topic Red Death Trilogy

    Red Death Trilogy

    Somebody can resume de history of the saga?
    Important themes, characters, clans and plot lines.
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