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  • I think not.
    One thing and the target of Lightning Strike try to dodge an attack.
    Another thing is the vampire with Lightning Strike and did not hit the target and his opponent hit him with more successes.

    If you interpret this power literally you claim that it disables opponent's attack tests, which is not true, it does not override attack tests, it nullifies dodge tests.

    The designer of this power and his description suffers from the same problem of Weight of the Feather (Protean 1), or you apply common sense or you have a broken power with the system....
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  • Ulisses
    started a topic Celerity 5 (Lightinng Strike) V5

    Celerity 5 (Lightinng Strike) V5

    Current discussion.

    Celerity 5 (Lighting Strike)

    Player - believes that he can perform attack tests with automatic successes without attack rolls of his target.

    Storyteller (myself) - I believe that lighting strike only cancels Dodge-based (Dexterity + Athletics) tests when the target is already engaged in melee combat or suffers a surprise attack.
    From this strength I think that with two combatants fighting melee (Strength + Brawl test) where the Light Strike carrier has 6 hits and his opponent has 5 successes in allowing the Light Strike carrier to...
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  • Camarilla
    Ventrue - The Ventrue clan began to retake the medieval origins of the clan as knights, the need to establish order in their former domains has compelled the clan as a whole to recruit individuals with a leadership profile who can take risks on the front lines.
    Toreadors - The Toreador clan is becoming the second most influential clan of the sect, power positions formerly controlled by the Ventrue are naturally being taken over by the Toreador.
    Malkavians - the Malkavian clan soon began to establish itself with more political force within the sect, they have served...
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  • Ulisses
    started a topic Claw attacks V5

    Claw attacks V5

    Claws (Protean) attacks with Dext+Brawl dice pools or Str+Brawl dice pools?...
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