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  • The Beast of a Billion Songs
    It is one of the oldest Incarnate Anakim alive, of similar age to the Congo's Mokole-mbembe. It is at least 200 years old, and during that immense stretch of time it has become a thing of transcendent terror.

    It's Horror is a towering, beautiful androgynous winged figure, with feathers that are patterned as swirling colors and eyes that shine with bewitching light. When it takes to the skies the Hive of [Fill-in-the-Blank] shakes, and Horrorspawn are sent scuttling for cover.

    It's strength is vast, and it teaches its lesson well: Prepare...
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  • My headcanon says Fox escaped the destruction of Pangaea by fleeing to the Hedge; there, it metamorphosed into a POWERFUL hobgoblin.
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  • Awesome! Aaaaaannnddd, STOLEN!

    And, I agree, this has a definite Mummy: The Curse vibe to it. Especially when you consider the Deceived and their "dead stars" many of their Utterances explicitly draw upon. Maybe the Void spirit of the constellation of Lyra has some seba, similar in tone to the Orpheans?
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