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  • Trassel
    replied to What Clan are you?
    You are Lasombra!
    Creatures subtly at odds with mundane reality, Lasombra vampires are expected to triumph at any cost. Ruthlessness is a sought-after trait in progeny, making their reputation as betraying interlopers well deserved. Most do not seek attention, preferring to act as puppeteers, powers behind the proverbial throne. To a Shadow, the ends justify any means.

    Wouldn’t call myself ruthless.
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  • Honestly, if it comes to that, talking to the player. If a character feels shoehorned in, talking to the player to mold the concept into something that works is probably better than forcing circumstances upon the character, and ruining the concept they had in mind.

    If you have the "silent loner" type character that still has no issue jumping in on the first available hook, it seems like there would be it would be some more underlying reasons why they've chosen to stay away, and why they chose to involve themselves. If you can probe and do something out of this, you could...
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  • Oh right, memory is not what it used to be!

    Although this did spark some thoughts on what would replace Serpentis/Protean, and I think the best match I could think of would be Oblivion (speaking only for V5), so I took some time to write up a few powers. Since Oblivion has support for rituals, I think that would cover the blood Magic part as well, but is beyond what I have time with for now.

    Level 1
    Amalgam: Presence 1
    Cost: Free
    System: The Kindred adds Oblivion to all Subterfuge dice pools and at the storytellers discretion to any manipulation...
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  • I would say it stems from the Setites. Ring highly underdeveloped as they were released. Maybe the Setite (who’s name I forget) in A World of Darkness based in Finland that wanted to cover the world in darkness stood as a model? I do not even think Setite sorcery was its own thing until the Blood Magic book, and then it started spinning from that point. There is no real reason, it just mutated forth.

    Maybe they should have had Thaumaturgy/Blood Magic, but much like the Tzimisce they were rather small in scope when introduced and not the most thought through, rather their growth...
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  • Each to their own. Being able to jump without kicking harder is less strange to me than being able to punch twice as fast without exercising more power, being able to be untouchable, or not having your blocks inflicting serious damage/setting someone off-balance by the force delivered.
    I like the comparison to werewolf gifts, having disciplines behave as “gifts” of the blood, or personality, or eating habits is more immersive to me than an arbitrary order.
    Not even always there, but called on when the beast needs an outburst.

    If more simukationst is desired from...
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  • With a simulationist mindset, the lines between the physical disciplines becomes blurred. If an organism gets an increase in strength, it can presumably apply that to locomotion, like you written, but this applies more to movement. A strike delivered with the heightened speed of Celerity should do more damage simply because of the increased kinetic energy transfered, which would require there to be strength into that. Likewise, the delivering body part should take more stress and possibly break from the increased output unless made more resilient.
    Someone who is actually strong is generally...
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